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Assessment Event 3 – Individual practical assessment (40%)
The purpose of this assessment is to consolidate your learnings during the semester by analysing a contemporary workplace issue, and then developing an organisational policy that is compliant with relevant employment relations legislation and one can be used in the workplace.
1. Select an organisation and highlight an issue that they have faced or are currently facing, which relate to one of the three topics below:
a. Working from home
b. Dealing with COVID in the workplace
c. Bullying and harassment
2. Identify an issue that you wish to research and analyse. It is this issue that will enable you to develop a policy. Make sure that the issue is not too broad otherwise your policy will not be able to address the issues properly.
3. Research reputable contemporary academic and industry articles (no more than 5 years old). You should reference at least 10 articles to support your policy. If you choose to base your policy on a pre-existing one, you need to identify and reference this policy.
A suggested structure would incorporate
a) Background to the issue
b) Analysis of the issue
c) Purpose for the Policy
d) Scope of the Policy (who and what it covers)
e) Policy Statement
f) Procedures
g) Accountabilities (who is responsible to ensure the policy is acted on)
h) Appendices
i) References
The following website provides some ideas about how to write a policy and the importance of workplace guidelines procedures-document/
Policies serve several important functions:
• Communicate values and expectations for how things are done at your organisation
• Keep the organization in compliance with legislation and provide protection against employment claims
• Document and implement best practices appropriate to the organization