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School of Engineering, Design and Built Environment
Unit 200471, Construction Technology 5, Autumn 2021
ASSIGNMENT 1-3 – Sound
(Marked out of 10 marks in total for the unit)
Before attempting this assignment, it is recommended:
• Read the learning materials modules (8-9) on the vUWS
• Watch the Paul Geier videos on UWS YouTube.
• Consult the Book: Szokolay, S.V. (2008), Introduction to Architectural Science: The Basis of Sustainable Design, Elsevier, Oxford – This is available as an E-Book through the WSU Library.
Where diagrams are required, they can be hand drawn or from reliable resources. All diagrams should be annotated by the student.
1. Explain, using annotated diagrams, how structure-borne sound can be reduced in multi-story apartment buildings. (3 marks)
(Each way for reducing structure-borne transmission) 3x0.5 mark
(Explanation OR Diagram for each way) 3x0.5 mark

2. You are asked to specify the sound attenuation requirements for a separating wall (AKA party wall) in a building that contains a restaurant kitchen adjacent to a private apartment. What factors are most important and what defects would you be looking for when you inspect the completed wall? (3 marks)
(Factors and defects causing structure-borne or air-borne transmissions through the kitchen’s separating wall) 3x0.5 mark
(Explanation OR diagram showing the factor or defect) 3x0.5 mark

3. How may acoustic designers alter the design of a room, which was previously used for music performances, into a room now to be used for spoken word performances? Use annotated diagrams for your response. (4 marks)
(Two annotated diagrams showing a room before and after design change with annotation) 2x1 mark
(Mentioned and explained four design strategy of the changed room) 4x0.5 mark