Recent Question/Assignment

Design and Implement a Component of a Work/Occupational Health and Safety Management System for an Organisation: Gap analysis and remedial action plan.
In this assessment you will:
1. Choose an organisation which has at least some elements of an Occupational Health and Safety Management System, that you can access and read.
2. Review (see Supplementary information folder for details):
a. IS045001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems standard
b. The Gap Analysis document and guidance
c. The OHSMS Manual template and guidance
d. The organisation documents which comprise the OHSMS
3. Use the Gap Analysis document as a checklist of documents you need to obtain from the organisation (i.e., from their web site).
4. The aim of the gap analysis is to determine whether the existing management system adequately responds to the standard set by the IS045001 standard. Compare the IS045001 standard to the organisations documentation and record your assessment and the document reference on the gap analysis template (see the Supplementary information for guidance).
5. Use the outcome of the Gap Analysis to complete the OHSMS Manual template.
• Length 3000 words (plus or minus 10%), excluding in-text and endtext references.