Recent Question/Assignment

(a) War and administration of justice is considered the most essential functions of a
state. Administration of justice implies the maintenance of right within a political
community by means of physical force of the state.
Explain all relevant parts of the above statement and provide your own analysis on the
given statement highlighting ‘justice’. 10
(b) Suppose, Bangladesh plans to release 3,000 prisoners, who are facing trials in
different cases, amid deep-running fears of a COVID 19 outbreak in crowded jails.
Provide your argument supporting and opposing the statement. Explain and
connect expository and censorial approach of jurisprudence in this regard. 10
(c) Discuss the impacts of philosophical and historical school of jurisprudence in the
legal system of Bangladesh. Example as, impacts of those schools on Parents Care
Act 2013 and Digital Security Act 2018. Briefly explain. 10