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TOPIC: Everybody be cool, you, be cool! o Therapeutic hypothermia in post cardiac arrest patients has been thought to improve neurological outcomes and decrease mortality, but few Australian Ambulance services include this in their post cardiac arrest management. Utilising current literature, argue for, or against the use of therapeutic hypothermia in post cardiac arrest patients.
You are required to expand upon your initial assignment proposal and write a critical clinical review of the current research surrounding your topic. You will need to research evidence-based, peer-reviewed literature and discuss the strengths and/or weaknesses in the current research on your topic. You will use this evidence to formulate an argument for or against your chosen topic and its place in contemporary paramedic practice. The word count for this assessment is 1500 word (+/- 10%).
Your assessment should be formatted on A4 International Standard paper with margins of 2.54cm. Arial font and size set to 12 point, and line spacing should be set to 1.5 . APA, 1500 WORDS