Recent Question/Assignment

This is an individual assignment that contributes to 30% of the grade for the unit. The word count for the report is 1500 words (+10%), referencing as per APA 7th referencing guidelines (available on the Curtin University library website). Words that are above the 1650 word limit will not be marked.
• Use credible scholarly sources for your information.
• Where possible use recent, original, peer-reviewed, reputable published research (Textbooks are also acceptable).
• You are expected to use reputable references sources beyond the lecture/tutorial notes.
• A minimum of 10 scholarly sources is required (not more than 20).
• Word count DOES NOT include the reference list or the contents page.
• Word count DOES include in-text citations, tables and quotes.
Report topic:
• Substance/Medication-Induced Psychotic Disorder (DSM 5)
Report format
Each report to include the following:
1. Introduction and description of the disorder (focus of the report, common facts and figures, prevalence etc.) - 100 words
2. Contemporary theories of the disorder (outline the current biological and psychosocial theories that explain the aetiology of the disorder) - 300 words
3. Pathophysiology of the disorder (outline abnormal neurotransmission and brain functioning) - 300 words
4. Signs and symptoms (what does a person with this disorder experience?) - 200 words
5. Contemporary treatments and a rationale for each identified treatment
a. Including TWO pharmacological and TWO non-pharmacological treatments - 300 words
b. Nursing management within the multidisciplinary care team in the acute inpatient setting - 200 words
6. Conclusion (concluding comments about the report, outline what was discussed or what you have learned) - 100 words