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Engineering Economic Analysis
Exercise for
Dr. Li Meng
Group case study requirement
Submit a Case Study Report (around 2000 words, the report includes executive summary, background, literature review, research aim and objectives, methodology, data analysis, discussion, conclusion and references (appendix if needed)
1. What is the topic (do we care about innovation, sustainability, or environment friendly)?
2. First update what you have designed in Week 3 Topic 2 Exercise Question 3
3. Add in literature review to show where is the gap
4. Define the research aim, objectives, and questions again
5. Choose the economic analytical tools to resolve the problem (we have to focus on cost and benefit)
6. Find the data to input into your tool, analyse the results, explain the implication of the results (don’t forget the ethics)
7. Then conclude, what do we find out?
Please refer to the flow chart in Figure 1.
©Dr. Li Meng, 2021
University of South Australia
Figure 1, Engineering economic analysis group work flow chart
©Dr. Li Meng, 2021
University of South Australia