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Good afternoon I really need help with my assessment.
Please check the first File attached. The first file attached is the second assessment which I've done For this one I had 39 grades it's too low.
Have a look please is extremely important.
Follow below
Assessment 3: Final report for a new sport will be connected to assessment 2
Develop the final form of the sport that you have invented or modified and include revisions from Assessment Two.
Your final report should include:
? Introduction to the sport – name, brief concept, season or time of year
? The target market – who will play this new sport?
? Mission and/or Vision Statement – what is the purpose of this new sport?
? Goals and SMART Objectives – how will you establish this sport in the next 3-5 years?
? Proposed Governance Structure – how would you structure the Board of Management
? SWOT Analysis – table format with a minimum of five factors in each of the four segments
? Risk Matrix Table – potential risks and strategies to minimize them
? Final Rules including scoring and how to win
? Equipment and Uniforms required to play and to minimize risks
? Proposed Competition for the first year including – how many games (team sports) or events (individual sport) in the first year?
? Venues/Facilities – where will the sport be played and why?
? Proposed logo and colors (brand) of the new sport
? The sports position on ethics and social responsibility
? Proposed Funding Partners – commercial sponsors and government grants
? Proposed Launch – what event would you coordinate to launch this new sport?
? Conclusion – convince the reader that this sport has a future
Some key points that I have mentioned before:
- you can re-submit the 1500 words from Assessment Two but make sure you make changes/improvements based on my feedback
- you can submit an additional 1500 words to address the new sections required for Assessment Three
- your total word count is therefore 3000 words maximum
- your tables or diagrams are not included in the word count
- you need to integrate references throughout your report, and these references must be included on your reference list
- the most suitable references are the resources used throughout the subject - the Powerpoint slides and the recommended readings.
The lecture said I can provide him a draft from the assessment on Friday Night.
I was thinking if the expert which done my previous one can do the follow up of this one because he is aware what he needs to fix and he's also already about the topic.
Attached down I have the slides from the lecture to help to finish the essay 3
My previous Assessment was MAN210319770
Can you find the expert from this essay to make sure he/she fix this issue so I can have a better grade on my next assessemnt.
Im quite worried and nervous about it.
Total count word could as the lecture mentioned above 3000 words.

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