Recent Question/Assignment
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questions are below:
1.In the story, the author explores how Nnamabia undergoes a change. Do you think he would have experienced this change if he hadn’t gone to prison? Why or why not? How do you think Namibia is going to behave now that he’s out of prison? Describe a significant event in your life that changed your view of the world.
2.In the story, the author discusses the unfair treatment of prisoners in a Nigerian prison. Why do you think the police officers get away with treating the prisoners unfairly? How does the author’s description of the Nigerian prison compare to what you know about prisons in the United States?
3.In the story, Nnamabia stands up for the old man when he’s being mistreated by the police officers and other prisoners. Describe a time when you stood up for someone else. How did you decide that this was the right thing to do?
4.How are crime and poverty linked? Explain your answer.
What advice would you give someone who's struggling with poverty to NOT turn to a life of crime?