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Group 2:
Hamish is a 60-year-old male with Flu-like symptoms. He is diagnosed with COVID19 and is asked to quarantine at home.
Task 1B Group 2:
Hamish being seen by his primary care provider for medication refills. His past medical history is significant for type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia. He is married with three children and works as a finance officer at a large banking firm. He has a one-pack-a-day cigarette smoking history and has been smoking for 40 years. Hamish does not check his blood pressure or his blood sugars at home. He denies any changes in his health status today and reports that he is feeling well. His last laboratory work was almost 2 years ago. His vital signs today are:
Blood pressure (BP) 160/94 mm Hg
Heart rate (HR) 90 beats/min
Respiratory rate (RR) 20 breaths/min
Weight 133 kg Height 172 cm
Body mass index (BMI) 44.9
Last known non-fasting blood sugar 12.2 mmol/L
Hamish's current medications include: amlodipine, 10 mg every day; atorvastatin, 40 mg every night: metformin, 1000 mg twice a day; and glipizide 5 mg twice a day.