Recent Question/Assignment

Title of report: Assessment two (Case study): Airbnb
Specifically, you are to:
Cover the following areas, the details of which will be discussed in class.
1. Introduction
• Provide a brief introduction to the report and brief background of the organisation

2. Vision, Mission and Culture of the organization
• Using the 9 components (Fred (1996) as cited in Sufi & Lyons (2003, p. 257)) to a Mission Statement analyse the organizational mission and critically evaluate the vision, mission and values that Airbnb has applied in building its dominant market position
• Analyse the dominant organisational culture in Airbnb and assess the implications that such a culture might have on the organisation

3. Strategy identification and discussion
• Identify the corporate level strategy and discuss the benefits of this strategy
• Identify which generic business level strategy it is pursuing and discuss the key
elements of this strategy. Use examples from the case study to support your argument
• Airbnb, as with other successful technology start-ups, is often described as a
‘disruptor’. Assess the meaning of this term in relation to Airbnb’s development and evaluate the threats and opportunities that the company faces in developing its position further

4. Analysis of organisational competencies
• Identify and discuss the core/distinctive competencies (key success factors) that the management has tried to build
• Discuss how the organization is building value into its product and service offering
5. Conclusion
• Provide a brief summary of the presented information to explain how the organisation has been successful
• What are the advantages and disadvantages of their business strategy?
• What recommendations would you make to the CEO of the organisation to ensure it is
successful in the future?
Ensure that a full search has been undertaken of the topic and that all conventions of academic report writing are adhered to. Include in your report a title page, contents page, introduction to the report, body of report covering the outlined requirements, conclusion, reference list and appendix of any other relevant information. View the attached marking schedule for details of mark allocation for each section of the report.