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Unit Name/Code BISY3003/ISY3003/ISY303 IS Project 2
Assessment Type Report and Demo
Assessment Number A3
Assessment Name Demonstration of an interactive Prototype/Application and Report Submission
Unit Learning Outcomes Assessed LO1: Apply and use contemporary tools and techniques to work effectively as a member of a software development team, and to reflect upon group work experiences.
LO2: Show a thorough understanding and assessment of the software development processes.
LO3: Display a comprehensive understanding and judgement of project management and quality processes in developing software systems.
LO4: Demonstrate and appraisal of verification, validation and testing procedures in developing software systems.
LO5: Select, justify, and use appropriate design patterns, algorithms, data structures, and architectural styles to develop a software solution. Graduate Attributes Assessed
Critical thinking & problem solving
Ethical behaviour
Due Date and Time Team: Week 7, Demo: in-class. 2021; Report: Sunday 5pm 9th May 2021
Individual: TeamMates application survey by Sunday 5 pm 9th May 2021
Weighting 20%
Assessment Description One student in the group to submit to Moodle a MS Word/pdf document with description and snapshots of interactive features, snapshots of the front-end, backend code including a compressed (zip, tar, rar, etc) file with all code, minutes of meetings and RACI matrix. Demonstrate the prototype with developed backend connectivity and working. Group assignment processes are monitored to verify individual student work.
Detailed Submission Requirements Upload the document and compressed file via Moodle/Turnitin, one per group.
Prepare for the demo in the lecture workshop.
Follow the instructions as required by this assessment brief.
One student in the group to submit to Moodle a MS Word/pdf document with: • A compressed (zip, tar, rar, etc) file with all code • A report including:
o Architecture of the design project
o Description and snapshots of interactive features o Snapshots of the front-end, backend code o Minutes of meetings o Description and snapshots of used project collaboration tool.
o RACI matrix (see links for information, but it is part of the BISY2004 - Project Management course)
? ?
The team will offer a short (10 minutes) presentation demonstrating the prototype with developed backend connectivity and functionality. Prototype demonstration will be followed by a Q&A section of 5 minutes.
Your presentation might include a pitch presentation including a brief intro to the project and architecture and RACI matrix (1-2 min max.). Then, you might proceed to prototype demonstration.
Group assignment processes are monitored to verify individual student work by the means of the application TeamMates. All team members must participate (non-participants will have their mark considerably reduced).
This is a group assessment. Includes an individual TeamMates survey for group assignment processes monitoring to verify individual student work.
You may need to use many tools and be ready for the Q&A session even though the tool usage is not assessed, rather the questions will be on the products/services created by you while using the tools. The tools required may be GitHub, UML diagramming editors, HTML, XML, XSLT, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, and MySQL and others.
Students are required to keep a copy of all items submitted or completed for assessment or evaluation until the end of the grade appeal period.
Students will receive immediate verbal feedback assessment and will receive feedback upon documentation submitted within two weeks of submission.
Section Requirements Weight 15% HIGH DISTINCTION 100-85% DISTINCTION 84-75% CREDIT 74-65% PASS 64-50% FAIL 49-0%
Demo presentation and
1. Presentation content
2. Structure
3. Presentation skills
4. Q & A Mark
6 5.1-6 4.5-5.1 3.8-4.5 3-3.8 3
Working of Software
1. Functionality
2. Correctness
3. Execution Mark
8 6.8-8 6-6.8 5.2-6 4-5.2 4
Report structure,
Format, Grammar,
Presentation and
1. Contents
2. Structure
3. Requirements
6 5.1-6 4.5-5.1 3.8-4.5 3-3.8 3
TOTAL MARK 20 Overall comments: The software will be evaluated based on working and learning.

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