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Subject: Impact of Digitisation
Weighting: 40%
Length: 2000 words
Submission: Submit via LMS (link below).
This is an individual assignment.
Template: Please use the modified Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR) Template for your seminar paper that is available above (mandatory).
Some advice on writing a literature review. (Note, these guides provide advice on writing literature reviews as parts of thesis. Your task is different. However, they provide some generic advice that will be useful):
Reviewing the literature - pamphlet
The University of Melbourne - Literature Review
The University of Canberra
The way to approach this assignment as discussed in class on Week 9:
Remember that this assignment is not simply an essay on the chosen topic. You are asked to critically review a body of literature. That means, you have to find a set of published articles on the topic of choice. It is best to start by looking in journals or likely sources to see what researchers are writing about - then pick your topic as something that is written about. If you find one good academic article, it will contain many leads to other relevant sources.
Your task is to report what these articles contain, to compare and contrast them, and to produce your own argument about the topic. You will produce a better report if you focus on articles from reputable sources, like journals, established conferences, and so on.
Critical Literature Review Essay (40%)
Individual students will write a long critical literature review essay on a
topic of their own choosing but it must be related to the topics covered in
class or agreed to by the subject’s academic staff. Topics must be
substantially different from those completed for the Seminar Paper and
Current Issues assignments. A proposal comprising a title and draft
abstract or short outline should be emailed to the subject coordinator
before the start of week nine (22rd of September) for approval of topic.
The literature review will be due at the end of semester.
Weighting: Critical literature review (40%)
Length: 2000 words
Note: Your selected topic must be different to the topics you covered in
your seminar paper and presentation and topical review essay.
Assessment Criteria
All assessable work will be marked according to the criteria setout in the
various assessment guidelines on the subject web site. Assessment
criteria all take into account the following:
• The extent to which the topic (or question) has been correctly
interpreted and answered
• Originality
• Demonstrated understanding of the main concepts of the subject4
• Awareness of relevant literature
• Clarity and structure of written work
• Demonstrated communications skills

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