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In assessment two students are required to write a 2,000 word essay and a 50-100 word reflection relating to the given case study (see detailed instructions below) and submit it via the assessment two submission portal under the Assessment two FINAL SUBMISSION assessment tab on the moodle course site.
Assessment two task instructions:
Critically identify and discuss the relevant legal and ethical considerations in relation to the case study provided below. Critical evaluation involves giving your verdict as to what extent a statement or findings are true or to what extent you agree with them. Provide evidence from a wide range of sources which both agree with and contradict an argument. Come to a final conclusion and discuss this, basing your decision on what you judge to be the most important factors and justify how you have made your decision. Ethical considerations relate to the ethical principles that guide professional nursing practice.
Focus on the following areas:
Professional practice for nurses
Codes of ethics, practice and conduct for nurses
Current common law and statute legislation relating to criminal activity and professional practice for nurses
Role and responsibility of the professional regulatory bodies for nursing eg AHPRA and ANMAC.
The resources you will need to refer for this task are:
· A MINIMUM of 10 references not more than 7 years old.
· Content from Modules 1-10. You must read and understand the Moodle content for this course but you CANNOT cite Moodle in your essay or reference list.
· Case study provided
Detailed Instructions:
1. Read the case study below and critically identify and discuss the relevant legal and ethical issues from a nursing perspective.
2. Write a response to the essay topic above using essay structure with an introduction, body paragraphs - that include the key points listed above - and conclusion (see detailed instructions below).
3. When you have completed your essay, submit your essay with your reference list to Turnitin (Moodle submission point: Assessment Task 2 – DRAFT essay)
4. Review your Turnitin similarity report and make any changes to your essay to improve your referencing or inclusion of evidence for your final draft. Contact an LSA or the ASK desk if you do not understand the changes you need to make to your draft essay.
5. Now you are required to write a brief reflection in your final draft (put this after the reference list) on your Turnitin similarity report and any changes you made (see detailed instructions below).
6. Once you have done this, submit your essay final essay via the Moodle submission point: Assessment Task 2 – FINAL Essay Submission.
Essay writing requirements
Introduction structure:
-Background information that introduces the topic.
-Description of the issues related to this topic
-Direct response to the essay topic eg critically identify and discuss relevant legal and ethical issues relating to the case study.
-Overview of main areas to be discussed in body paragraphs
Body paragraphs:
Logically structured body paragraphs that include supporting evidence from academic sources. Use topic sentences for your body paragraphs, do not use headings.
E.g. Paragraph 1
Topic sentence outlining first issue in your own words (concept/principle etc.) Evidence to support explanations. (Relate to case study and use references) Concluding sentence
Paragraph 2
Topic sentence outlining first issue in your own words (concept/principle etc.)
Evidence to support explanations. (Relate to case study and use references)
Concluding sentence
Paragraph 3
Paragraph 4…. And so on.
Logically structured conclusion (no references):
-Restate your topic
-Summarise your main points
-Finish with concluding remarks and recommendations. These must be brief and factual and in your own words.
Reference List
References used should be no more than 7 years old unless of historical significance and/or of specific relevance to the topic. References must be a mixture of books, current legislation, codes and peer reviewed journal articles. Dictionaries and Wikipedia are not academic references and will not be counted in the reference count.
Compile your reference list in alphabetical order and according to APA 7th ed. It is suggested that you have this guide next to you when writing your essay and including references in your essay.
The word limit is 2000 words +/- 10%. Academics will not mark any work over this. The reflection is not part of the word count and must be 50-100 words.
All of the following will be counted within your word list - Direct quotes, citations, appendices. Direct quotes must be limited to no more than 50 words.
Reference lists will not be counted in the word limit.
Reflection: (Include after the Reference List).
Write 50-100 words reflecting on the Similarity report that you received after you submitted your first draft to Turnitin through the DRAFT submission portal .
Your reflection should include:
o A summary in your own words of what your Similarity report contained
o Comments on any changes that you made to the final essay in relation to the Turnitin similarity report and/or potential plagiarism (lack of in-text citations).
o Comment on what you have learned from this drafting process.
· Student name and student ID number must be included at the top of the page within header.
· Page numbers at the bottom of the page
· Font: Your essay should be in 12 point Times New Roman or 11 point Arial.
· Spacing – set your spacing to 1.5
· Indents or breaks – Leave a space of one line between paragraphs rather than indenting the first line.
· If you do not understand how to set up your formatting, contact an LSA or the ASK desk for assistance.
Submission Instructions:
When saving your document, use the following format:
eg BennySmith10007867NURBN1012ASSESSMENT 2
Ensure that you save and submit the correct document for this assessment. Labeling your essay file as above will ensure that you can identify and submit the correct file for marking. This is the responsibility of the student. If you submit the wrong file it will not be marked.
You are required to submit the assessment as a Microsoft Word file (.doc/.docx) NOT PDF or in any other format, via the corresponding Assessment Task 2 FINAL SUBMISSION Turnitin submission point in the Assessment area in Moodle.
Apple computer users must download a Microsoft Word compatible document (available through the University Software Centre) and use this application. Failure to do this often results in documents that cannot be opened by the marking staff. If the essay cannot be opened it cannot be marked. Feedback and a grade for this assessment task will be provided in Turnitin with your results at the end of the semester.
Cover Page
Include ONLY the following items on your cover page:
¨ Name and Student Number
¨ Your campus
¨ Title of the course – NURBN 1012
¨ The course coordinator’s name from your campus
¨ The number of words
The cover page must be otherwise blank. Do not include pictures, diagrams or any graphics IN ANY FORM, just the above information.
Case Study:
Amy is a second year nursing student at Federation University. She is currently on a three week clinical placement at Sunny Hills Hospital.
In March 2020, Amy was driving home from a friend's birthday party at 2 am and was pulled over by the Police for a random alcohol and drug test. Amy's alcohol breath test result indicated she had an alcohol level of 0.25 and she tested positive for cocaine.
As a result, her driving licence was cancelled immediately and she was charged with high range drink driving and driving under the influence of illicit drugs. She appeared in the local Magistrates Court, was convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol and illicit drugs, was fined $1,000, her driving licence was suspended for six months and she was awarded three demerit points.
Amy was able to organise lifts from her friends during the six months and regained her driving licence in September 2020. She remembered from the Legal and Ethical issues in Clinical Practice course in first year that she was supposed to notify AHPRA regarding her conviction. She was concerned that she would not be able to complete her nursing degree if anyone knew about her conviction so she only told close friends.
During the first week of this clinical placement, Amy noticed that the medication cupboard in the ward was regularly left unlocked. She had been having trouble sleeping due to working shiftwork so one day she stole a bottle of sleeping pills and a bottle of strong pain killers to give to her friends. Unfortunately she didn't notice that another nurse had seen her take the medications and reported the theft to the Nurse Unit Manager of the ward. Amy was reported to the police and to the Federation University Clinical Placement Co-ordinator.
Check List (before you submit your essay)
-Re-read the assessment task topic and instructions: have you answered what is being asked and included all areas for discussion?
-Have you reviewed the marking guide and checked each criterion against your assignment?
-Did you submit your first draft of your essay into the ASSESSMENT TASK 2 – DRAFT essay submission point?
-Have you included a brief reflection on your first draft similarity report after your reference list?
-Have your reviewed your spelling, punctuation and grammar?
-Are you ready to submit your FINAL submission (essay plus reflection) to the Assessment Task 2 – FINAL Essay submission point.

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