Recent Question/Assignment

Question 1 – Contracts
(a) In your own words, describe how you distinguish an offer from an invitation to treat?
Support your response with a real-life example of an invitation to treat. (4 marks)
(b) Ahmed offered to sell his computer to Sally for $500, stating that he would keep the offer open for three days. The following day Ahmed telephoned Sally and stated that he was withdrawing the offer because he had received an offer of $550 from George. Sally said that Ahmed had “no right” to withdraw the offer to sell for $500 and promptly accepted. Advise Ahmed. (3 marks)
(c) Will courts find an intention to create legal relations when considering agreements between colleagues to participate in the lottery? Support your answer with relevant case law. (3 marks)
Question 2 – Business Organisations and Company Law
(a) Sam and Harj have recently completed their qualifications and reached the minimum experience requirements to become qualified lawyers. They are interested in opening a law firm together. What are the advantages and disadvantages of running the business as a partnership? (4 marks)
(b) Briefly describe three situations where a court will pierce the veil of incorporation. (3 marks)
(c) Identify three major differences between a large and small proprietary (or private) company. Support your answer with relevant legislation. (3 marks)
Length of Responses: The length of response to each sub-question should be a minimum of one paragraph. You must answer each sub-question.
Please use the numbering pattern above to identify each question you are answering, for example, question 2(a).
Submission Date: By Sunday, 25 April 2021 at 11:59 pm
Weighting: 20% of total marks for subject
Important: As this is a take home test, please ensure you continue to comply with rules around plagiarism (see the Subject Learning Guide for more information).