Recent Question/Assignment

This essay is designed to develop capacity to identify, research and critically analyse the key concepts of person-centred care within the scope of the NMBA Nurse Standards for Practice and to assess nursing attributes for this course. Topic: (currently in draft after collaboration with the concurrent course topic to ensure a wider breadth of learning) Full instructions, marking guide and submission details will be provided in the Assessment section of Moodle.
The essay format must include an obvious introduction, body detailing the crucial aspects of the topic, conclusion and reference list. You may use headings to assist in the flow of your writing, but they must conform to APA 7 guidelines. The preferred layout of your paper should be double spaced with block paragraphing (no indenting). Do not indent the first line of each paragraph. Page numbers are to be included on the bottom left corner of the page.
All work should be typed in 12-point font, double spaced; and written and presented according to the academic guidelines using APA (7th Edition) referencing. For further assistance in relation to academic writing and referencing, refer to the Federation University library home page: The length of the essay is 1500 words (+/-10%). The essay will only be marked up to this + 10%-word limit.
A minimum of 8 references must be used for the essay. These should be no more than 7 years old unless of historical significance and/or of specific relevance to the topic (for example; the Ottawa Charter from 1986). These references must be a mixture of books, journals or Library database sources. Dictionaries, blogs, Wikipedia or Yellow Pages are not considered a primary reference and therefore will not be counted in the reference count. Direct quotes, appendices or the reference list, are not counted in the word limit. Direct quotes must be limited to no more than 50 words and be according to APA 7th Edition style. Please ensure that you adhere to the specific guidelines set out by the APA 7th Edition guidelines available within the general guide to referencing:
You are required to submit a fully referenced academic paper in an essay format on the following case study. Your essay should demonstrate your knowledge and application of best evidence-based nursing practice in relation to assessment, nursing care and evaluation of care for the six aspects as described below.
Jane is a 74-year-old widow who was admitted to the aged care facility a week ago. She was diagnosed with advanced bowel cancer 2 months ago. The cancer is said to have spread (metastases) to other organs of her body. Jane’s family is unable to cope with her complex care needs at home, hence the admission to an Aged Care Facility.
On examination by her GP upon admission, the following findings were recorded:
Observations currently normal (120/80mmgh, Temp 36, Pulse 80 b/min, Oxygen saturation 94%, Respirations 20/min)
• Chronic wound on the left ankle not healing due to having an infection called (MRSA - Methycillin Resistant, Staphylococcus Aureas infection), oozes at times.
• Mobility is now very limited; she can only manage to sit up in bed independently.
• Slightly confused/disorientated at times
• Very thin and frail looking (emaciated) in appearance
• Weight 45kg
• Height 160cm
• Short of Breath (SOB) at times
• Constant back pain, and at times generalized body aches and pains
• Loss of appetite and sometimes chokes on her food
• Appears to be anxious, depressed, guarded and dismissive as she believes she is dying.
Following the Nursing Care Process, discuss the priorities of care in relation to the given scenario, under the following headings:
1) Infection prevention and control.
2) Promotion and facilitation of skin integrity and hygiene.
3) Comfort measures, general nursing care
4) Importance of documentation and handover
5) Provision of physical, psychological and emotional support
6) Interdisciplinary team members that should be involved in Jane’s care.