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Word count: 1000 words (+/- 10%). This includes all text (headings, in-text citations, captions and direct quotes). It excludes the Reference List. Note: For this assessment, your marker will stop reading when the maximum word count is reached and only award marks on the material read.
There is a great deal of evidence that supports the fact that if teachers know about and develop their own resilience they are then able to have a positive impact on their students and hence also develop student resilience.
Write an essay on the concept of resilience using key research findings regarding pre-service teacher resilience in relation to the challenges faced, and the relevance of the BRiTE modules for resilience building. Your essay needs to demonstrate your comprehension of academic integrity expectations.
Here is a link to the BRiTE modules -
• You will need to register for an account to access the modules; it is free
Essay structure:
Provide a definition of resilience and explain your understanding of the term. Explain what key points you will discuss in your essay and the challenges faced in today’s world in relation to teaching and why resilience is important. Is resilience associated with personal attributes only? Outline 3-4 challenges early career teachers might face. Introduce the BRiTE modules and their relevance for building teacher resilience. Highlight how aspects from the BRiTE modules can help build teacher resilience.
What makes a good introduction? An introduction:
• states the topic addressed in the essay;
• provides some background information;
• gives a summary of the essay argument (a thesis statement)
Develop your discussion - what are the challenges teachers face in todays world and what can be done to build resilience. For example, how can building relationships (personal and professional) help build teacher resilience? How can relationships be built? Why are support systems important? What about well-being? Why is well-being important as a pre-service teacher? These are just a couple of examples, you can focus on these or others.
The body of your essay will consist of a series of connected paragraphs. Use topic sentences to state the point in each paragraph.
Use academic sources to support your arguments. This means your essay will need in-text citations throughout to indicate you have engaged in reading about the topic.
You will need to interpret and paraphrase ideas from other sources in your own words. You cannot copy from another source; this is considered plagiarism. Use this checklist to ensure you have not plagiarised - StudentChecklist to Prevent Plagiarism.pdf StudentChecklist to Prevent Plagiarism.pdf - Alternative Formats
Summarise the main ideas discussed in your essay and make a concluding statement about how pre-service teachers can build resilience .