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Hello, I have a bill of quantities assignment due this week and to be honest the entire unit is not something I see myself ever doing. Its in an excel format but needs to be submitted as PDF file. Ive attached the assignment brief and drawings as well as my starting excel template. Please let me know if this is doable.
BLDG 2007 Building Measurement
Case Study Assignment [50% of unit mark]
A project design has been supplied. Measure [show all your calculations in a take-off format] and prepare a bill of quantities for the following elements:
1. Masonry [brick and blockwall]
2. Structural frames in walls [beams and columns]
3. Roof frame [roof carcass]
4. Roof covering [all elements]
5. Doors, windows and other glazing [ frames, leaves, and ironmongeries].
Submission Notes
• This assignment task is to be undertaken by students individually.
• You must use a software application to develop your deliverables. You will find it is best if you format your file into A4 size, as a single file, in portable document format, made available for grading electronically in the appropriate order.
• All submissions must be made through turnitin. If you have issues doing this, please contact the unit coordinator by email -
• The integrity of your effort is highly important. Please ensure that this is not compromised in any way, shape or form. Do not share your work with others. Do not attempt to benefit corruptly from the efforts of others too.
• To pass this unit, you must score 50% and above in this assessment task.
• Remember to turn in your work before the due date (12:00am of 17th of April 2021). Late penalty applies.
Marking rubric - see overleaf. Add a self-assessed copy to your submission.
Building Measurement: Marking Rubric Self-assess yourself with this and add a copy of your self-assessment with your submission
Student Name Student ID
Attribute Fail
(0-49%) Pass
(50-64%) Credit
(65-74%) Distinction
(75-84%) High Distinction
Formatting (10%):
Cover (Assignment title, student IDs
Adherence to conventions (preamble, take-off list, page referencing, drawing numbers, job reference etc) Packaging (neatness, evidence of professionalism in student s work, overall quality of submission) Collection and summary formatting No/incomplete cover sheet Poor understanding of take-off conventions
No take-off list
Poor page referencing
No preamble
Job reference/Drawing numbers not stated
Submission is rough and untidy
Poor quality of work
No collection and Summary cells Complete but messy cover sheet Superficial understanding of take-off conventions
Incomplete take-off list
Confusions page referencing
Ambiguous preamble
Clear job reference/ Drawing numbers not stated
Submission is somewhat untidy
Acceptable quality of work
Collection and summary cells poorly used Exceptional quality of presentation; strong evidence of understanding and fulfilment of task requirements;
take-off is perfect; use of convention is faultless; pages properly referenced; clear preamble to measured work; clear referencing of job, drawing numbers and measurement work-sheet pages; tidy submission, and; Collection and Summary cells perfectly used and shown.
Take-off (40%
Accuracy of data entry
Use of take-off conventions
Precision of description
Quality of outcome/reportage of data processing
Integrity of submission Poor style of data entry
Proper understanding of Take-off conventions not demonstrated
Lack of precision in descriptions
Many unsubstantiated calcs Error in quantity measurement processes (extension, timesing etc)
Integrity concern Faulty style of data entry
Some typo/grammatical blunders/long
rambling descriptions
Few unsubstantiated calcs
Project not measured in appropriate context
Unconvincing, untidy
Few clarity and precision issues
No integrity concern Strong content
Exceptional professional judgment
No grammatical error
High quality of reflection on project context
Exceptional writing style
Most calcs are substantiated with sketches and worked up dimensions
Work is clear and precise
No integrity concerns
Bill of Quantities (50%)
Accuracy of measured quantities
Precision of description
Accurate itemization of measured work Robustness/completeness of
Adherence to A/SMM rules 50% of measured work lacks accuracy
50% of work description is not
Lack of technical depth
50 of appropriate items omitted in the Bill
A/SMM rules not adhered to in more than 50% of measured items 50% of measured work lacks accuracy 50% of work description is not
Lack of technical depth
50 of appropriate items omitted in the Bill
A/SMM rules not adhered to in less than
50% of measured items All items are measured accurately All work description are perfect and
Exceptional technical depth No appropriate item is omitted in the Bill
All A/SMM rules are adhered to in all the measured items
Total Marks Comments