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hi its oral presentation as it shows in the picture i have done all parts except the introduction and final close off, I. need to Just introduce the topic as in the research question and the final close off , the due date is 5pm 12/04/2021 (250 words ) 150 for intro and 100 for final close off .
the to topic is (The effect on energy drinks on attention in pre-teens)
information about the topic
The ready availability of energy drinks in supermarkets without any type of regulation is beginning to raise questions regarding how these drinks may affect
young consumers. In particular, reports are emerging that suggest a negative impact of energy drink consumption on attentional abilities of pre-teens using a number of different measures. Can your team find evidence that outlines this issue and illustrates whether there could be consequences for energy drink consumption on the development of cognitive abilities? How could you assess whether such abilities are impacted?