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Question 1:
Task 1: Role play
Collect and analyse information on the state of the IT industry in Australia last year. Communicate your findings to a colleague. The colleague should assess the effectiveness of this exercise and provide constructive feedback.
Third party or facilitator comments:
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Question 2:
Task 2: Role play and report
1. You have an idea for a new computer game based on research you have conducted. List the strategies you would use to communicate your idea to your team including your background information.
1. Role play
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2. List the strategies
Question 3:
Task 3: Role play
What are the skills required for effective communication? Discuss in small groups.
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Question 4:
Task 4: Role play
You are require to construct ‘I’ statements about a colleague being late for work and a colleague doing a good job. Review and discuss as a group
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Question 5:
Task 5: Role play
Using verbal and non-verbal assertiveness skills explain to a colleague why you think your approach to developing the company’s new app is the best. The colleague to provide feedback.
• Reverse roles with a submissive approach.
• Feedback discussion whole group
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Question 6:
Task 6: Role play
Discuss the MATERIAL. In pair role play introducing yourself and starting a conversation. Then close the conversation. Reverse roles.
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Question 7:
Task 7: Report
Why is humour important as a rapport building tool?
Question 8:
Task 8: Role play
What are some of the cultural differences you have noticed since arriving in Australia? Developing strategies to build positive intercultural relationships- what are your ideas? Discuss in the group
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Question 9:
Task 9: Report
Imagine you are in your internship- what aspects of yourself are you going to reveal to your new colleagues?
What aspects will you continue to keep private and why?
Your response should not exceed more than 150 words.
Question 10:
Task 10: Report
Proved responses to the following questions:
• What do you need to feel trust in someone?
Your response should not exceed more than 50 words.
• What could you do personally to improve the trust your friends have in you? Describe yourself using the Johari window
Your response should not exceed more than 50 words.
• Identify at least 5 attributes that contribute towards building a reputation for trustworthiness and create confidence in them for their colleagues.
Question 11:
Task 11: Report
Proved responses to the following questions:
• Describe self-awareness.
• How does self-awareness influence the way people relate to others?
Your response should not exceed more than 150 words.
• Describe self-regulation.
• How does self-regulation improve personal effectiveness at work?
Your response should not exceed more than 150 words.
• Describe self-motivation.
• Identify and describe at least two attributes of a person who is self-motivated.
Your response should not exceed more than 100 words.

Question 12:
Task 12: Report
Rate yourself on the following:
Attributes Rating out of 10
• Listen to your feelings and identify them accurately
• Identify the influence of past experiences and interactions with others in your view of self?
• Receive feedback about your current relationship skills?
• Accept and appreciate yourself?
• Discuss your responses with a colleague and in particular how your might improve.
Question 13:
Task 13: Report
• Describe how you, as the new intern, would use emotional intelligence to establish rapport with your new work colleagues. Discuss and develop a list as a group
Your response should not exceed more than 150 words.
Question 14:
Task 14: Role play
As a new intern how will you establish and develop your operational, strategic and personal networks? What will your first steps be? How will your network be maintained once established? Discuss in the group.
Third party or facilitator comments:
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Question 15:
Task 15: Report
Identify the strategies you would use to establish and maintain a business relationship with a work colleague and a customer.
Your response should not exceed more than 100 words.
Question 16:
Task 16: Role play
Imagine you’re are having a serious argument around a business strategy. Role play with a colleague where one endeavours to find an agreed solution. Use assertive empathetic behaviour, the ‘four r’s’ and reframing. Reverse positions and do it again. Don’t forget your non-verbal communications.
Third party or facilitator comments:
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Question 17:
Task 17: Role play
Referring to the appendix 1: ABC technologies p/l case study discuss the following.
• What does it look like?
• How are people behaving?
• What support systems would exist to support effective workplace relations?
• How would you personally contribute to effective workplace relations?
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1. Culture and Communication 1.1 Develop assertiveness to interact appropriately with colleagues in the workplace
1.2 Demonstrate understanding of appropriate levels of personal disclosure in the workplace
1.3 Demonstrate understanding of the importance of humour as a rapport-building tool
1.4 Demonstrate understanding of and apply use of emotional intelligence when dealing with colleagues
2. Language 2.1 Conversation openers and closers
2.2 Small talk to establish rapport
2.3 Assertive language
New Assessment Criteria
Collect Analyse and Communicate information and ideas
Develop trust and confidence as leader
Manage difficulties into positive outcomes
Develop and maintain business networks
Establish and maintain business relations
Promote the relationship
Identify and apply assertive behaviour
Demonstrate understanding of appropriate levels of personal disclosure in the workplace
Demonstrate understanding of the importance of humour as a rapport building tool
Demonstrate understanding of and apply emotional intelligence when dealing with colleagues
BSBLDR402 Lead Effective Workplace Relationships Performance Criteria
1.1 Collect relevant information from appropriate sources and analyse and share with the work team to improve work performances
1.2 Communicate ideas and information in a manner which is appropriate and sensitive to the culture and social diversity of the audience and any specific needs
1.3 Lead consultation processes to encourage employees to contribute to issues related to their work, and promptly relay feedback to the work team in regard to outcomes
1.4 Seek and value contributions from internal and external sources in developing and refining new ideas and approaches
1.5 Implement processes to ensure that issues raised are resolved promptly or referred to relevant personnel as required
2.1 Treat all internal and external contacts with integrity, respect and empathy
2.2 Use the organisations social, ethical and business standards to develop and maintain effective relationships
2.3 Gain and maintain the trust and confidence of colleagues, customers and suppliers through competent performance
2.4 Adjust interpersonal styles and methods to meet the organisation’s social and cultural environment
2.5 Lead and encourage other members of the work team to follow examples set according to the organisation’s policies and procedures
3.1 Use networks to identify and build relationships
3.2 Use networks and other work relationships to provide identifiable benefits for the team and organisation
4.1 Identify and analyse difficulties and take action to rectify the situation within the requirements of the organisation and relevant legislation
4.2 Guide and support colleagues to resolve work difficulties
4.3 Manage poor work performance within the organisation’s processes
4.4 Manage conflict constructively within the organisation’s processes
BSBREL401 Establish Networks Performance Criteria
1.1 Use appropriate network strategies to establish and maintain relationships and develop business opportunities
1.2 Identify and pursue network opportunities to maximise a range of contacts
1.3 Communicate information regarding new networks to inform individuals of potential benefits
1.4 Participate in professional networks and associations to obtain and develop skills
2.1 Develop and maintain relationships to promote benefits consistent with organisation’s requirements
2.2 Gain and maintain trust and confidence of contacts through demonstrating professional practices
2.3 Use a high level of negotiation skills to encourage positive outcomes
2.4 Identify difficult situations and negotiate solutions using collaborative problem-solving techniques
2.5 Seek specialist advise in the development of contacts where appropriate
3.1 Develop strategies to represent and promote the interests and requirements of the relationship
3.2 Use appropriate presentation skills to communicate the goals and objectives of the relationship
3.3 Effectively communicate issues, policies and practices of the relationship to a range of audiences, in writing and verbally
3.4 Obtain feedback to identify and develop ways to improve promotional activities within available opportunities
Assessment task 17 – Appendix 1:
ABC Technologies P/L is an imaginary Australian company formed in 2012. It has grown rapidly and has branches in all capital cities. The company develops apps for the health sector. It has 220 staff with over two-thirds having a health or IT related background. Fourteen different nationalities are represented in the business.
Staff are highly skilled and have been very motivated. The company has produced some world leading apps and is researching some potentially breakthrough apps in diagnostics.
Growth has been rapid but it has tailed off in the past 12 months and the shareholders are getting restless. Senior management is conflicted about why growth has stalled and what to do about it. Part of the problem is the different cultural backgrounds of the health and IT staff who are becoming less and less able to effectively engage in team based activities.
The company has taken a significant risk in investing heavily in the development of new apps specifically to aid the early diagnosis of breast cancer.
ABC Technologies has 3 technical branches:
• Research and Development (R&D)
• New Product Development and Production (NPDP)
• PMO and Quality Assurance (PMO/QA)
PMO/QA is led by a very capable manager, Shirley, who gets along with everyone and has a great team. However R&D led by Sanjay and NPDP led by Laura have gradually become more and more conflicted. There are
• Boundary arguments regarding the roles of both branches and the critical point of handover of R&D work to NPDP,
• Issues with business plan deliverables
• Competition for resources
• Technical arguments about the significance of possible ‘glitches’
• Some preconceptions regarding ‘who knows best’ and ‘who has the power’
• Growing personality conflicts
• Within both teams there are tensions between the health specialists and the IT specialists.
• Both branches also have staff who get on effectively with everyone.
• R&D has become a difficult place to work. NPDP has issues but appears to be a more ‘together’ outfit.
You have just been appointed as a graduate officer (congratulations) after successfully completing your internship with PMO/QA and the office of the CEO. You have developed several friendships in both these branches. You will be stationed at corporate head office where most of the technical staff are located. You have been assigned to R&D for six months then you will progress to NPDP.
Your first task is to contribute to the team responsible in R&D for the development of the new breast cancer apps. NPDP had expected (as per the business plan) for these apps to be ready for the final development/production phase last month but the handover has been delayed.
Sanjay the R&D manager has asked you to work with Laura’s team to clarify the handover and deal with technical glitches that are concerning to R&D but far less so to NPDP.
Describe how you will operate in this environment.
In particular describe:
• Your strategies for developing trust in both teams.
• How you will present yourself? Describe how both teams see you once your strategies have been implemented
• How you will establish and maintain an effective network?
• How you will go about collecting and analysing relevant information regarding your work challenges.
• Your strategies to assist in dealing with the breast cancer conflict.
• How will you ensure your business relationships are ongoing especially after you move to NPDP?

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