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I need help with intial report for my final year project report. I have wrote a draft report but there are changes need to madeex the report should be focus on the proect. I have included the project detail and also the assignment rubric and criteria. The device that we use in this project is the next mind dev kit it is listed at the project description.
Intent of assignment
This first project proposal is a report that defines and begins to justify the initial project context, objectives, scope and resource requirements for the project. Suggested word limit is 3000 to 3500 words. Students will need to demonstrate a clear understanding of the background information that supports the need for the project, as well as detailing the specific aims and objectives to be addressed. While a full methodology may have not been designed at this stage, students should understand what methods or techniques are likely to be used and demonstrate that they are achievable in the timeframes of the project using appropriate project planning tools. Students MUST identify the key tasks they will undertake this trimester to demonstrate the feasibility of the project (through proof of concept or the collection of preliminary results). Students should demonstrate that they have discussed any facility or equipment access, induction and training requirements, as well consumable/materials ordering, with appropriate technical officers.
This assessment item will be marked by your supervisor.
- Note that in the criteria below, stakeholders are defined as the student, academic supervisor and any other external partners that have some expectation or requirements in relation to the outputs of the project.
Assessment criteria
You will be assessed using this Assignment 1 - Initial Proposal Rubric. The criteria you will be assessed on will include:
Project scope - approximately 1000 words
The project will have an overall problem or question that needs to be solved or answered.
Students need to:
• Clearly define the project problem or question, and state the overall project aim.
• Describe the general background information that explains and provides context for the project. Within this description the benefits and significance of the project should be emphasised.
• Clearly articulate the outcomes or deliverables expected from ALL stakeholders in the project
• Identify what will be addressed in the project (in-scope), and any important and relevant aspects of the problem or question that will not be addressed in the project (out-of-scope)
Project objectives, approach and understanding - approximately 1500 words
While there may be an overall problem or question being addressed, projects should be broken down into several specific, measurable and achievable objectives. The objectives should be based around the key technical tasks or steps that require the application of skills and/or knowledge. Students need to:
• Clearly articulate the specific objectives of the project
• Identify the key aspects of the approach or methodology that will be used to achieve the objectives
• Briefly highlight the most critical considerations for each objective. This could include reference to; key research literature that identifies or justifies the main variables or factors you will investigate; key research literature that identifies relevant limitations or challenges that may exist with your intended approach or tools; important aspects of any standards or industry practices that must be considered or adhered too; and key considerations, assumptions or limitations of software that will be used.
Feasibility Plan (proof of concept or preliminary results) - approximately 500 words
You should identify the key tasks you will undertake in this unit to demonstrate that the project will be successful. This will include tasks such as:
• induction and training on key equipment or software,
• demonstrated familiarity and competence with any key tools, techniques or skills that the project will be dependent on,
• the collection of simplified or representative results using key equipment, software, data collection or analysis/validation techniques. Note that this can be on dummy samples, simplified set-ups, or sub-systems of the overall project
Project planning -
A successful project should be carefully planned in the development stages so that ALL required resources are identified and scheduled. Thus students need to :
• Clearly identify the materials, equipment, software and facilities that will be needed for the project (if these are not currently available at Deakin, then the source should be clearly identified). Any costs (i.e. for anything not already available) should be identified and discussed with your supervisor and technical officers.
• Clearly identify the technical support required in the project (training, facility use, etc.) with evidence that the level of support required can be accessed (i.e. discussions should have taken place with the technical officers required)
• Show using appropriate project planning tools how the key steps in the project can be achieved in the timeframe of the entire project (SEJ441 and SEJ446)
• The project proposal must include a plan to complete the project without access to the campus or other located facilities (such as industry partner sites)
Report Format
The initial proposal should use the format below (or similar) and MUST use an appropriate referencing technique and conform to the University plagiarism policy
• Project title
• Project scope
• Project objectives, approach and understanding
• Feasibility plan
• Project planning
• Reference list