Recent Question/Assignment

Assessment task 2 Task Description Health professionals need to have a socio-theoretical understanding of the effects of illness on the personhood and families of the sick and suffering. With the knowledge acquired from the online discussion, expand upon any insights you have gained through studying the written and audio-visual materials in this unit and through evidence-based literature. Examine the experience of illness from the patient perspective and write an academic essay. Suggested topics for discussion include (but are not limited to): • Hospitalisation and sense of self. • Link between illness and the mind. • Emotional changes with chronic illness. • Self-identity (and the loss of) in illness. • Contemporary attitudes to illness and disability. • Re-evaluation of life in illness (or spiritual journey). • Exploring nurse-patient communication behaviours. • Provision of patient-centred care to the acutely ill in the hospital context. • Patient explanations and understandings of illness. During your discussion you should argue a perspective and think critically about your own clinical practice. This essay should be written in third person format only. You should include a minimum of 10 recent references. Please read the marking criteria carefully