Recent Question/Assignment

Hi, please can I get a quote for this assignment Cybersecurity analysis and security networks, is due by 14/04/21, the details are in the attach document and the deliverables are:
You are to make a report of 1500-2000 words. The report's emphasis should be on analysis, evaluation, and synthesis of knowledge of business and information security. Your research report must address the following main points. (This is not the final structure but a hint of how your report might look like)
1. Abstract & Background of the organisation
2. Classification of information, processes, assets etc.
3. Critical evaluation of the existing network and possible threats to information/network.
4. Threat model of the organisation (include step 3, 4 information)
5. Business impact analysis after threat modelling (include information from step 5)
6. Summarising all the information (steps 2,3,4,5) in a table with four or more columns (threat, vulnerability, description, STRIDE category, impact, mitigation)
7. Conclusion and summary
8. References