Recent Question/Assignment

Identify two distinct issues that can affect the quality or quantity of play experiences for young children. You may choose one that was identified within this module and one that was not.
Define why they are issues
Provide specific, real-world examples that illustrate why they are issues Offer concrete and specific solutions for resolving the issues
Use the course content and your text as you prepare your discussion, and properly cite your sources using APA format.
Share your response with your classmates and provide meaningful comments that demonstrate comprehension and analysis to at least three of your peers' posts. Consider answering questions such as
Where do you see similarities/differences in opinions?
How do you agree/disagree?
Complete your post and comment on others’ posts before the due date, and always use correct spelling and proper grammar. Refer to the rubric to guide you through this portion of the assignment by clicking on the above -more options- icon and selecting -Show rubric.-