Recent Question/Assignment

1. Plagiarism should be less than 20%.
2. Collect the data of GDP growth for last 20 years from the website of World Bank of three countries, (Bahrain, and other two country you can choose randomly)
3. Font size 12 and space 1.5 (times new roman), and to be not less than 10 pages
4. Assignment deadline on 6th of April 2021
5. Outline of the assignment is as follows:
1. Country Profiles
2. Trend of GDP Growth of all three Countries
3. GDP Growth Analysis through Business Cycle
4. Conclusion
5. Appendix: GDP Growth Data of all three Countries
Rubric for 10 Marks:
9-10 = Details are fully complete and demonstrate deep understanding of content
7-8 = Answer is acceptable but lacks minor details
5-6 = Answer is responsive but not fully complete
3-4 = Major details are missing and shows low level of understanding of the content
2-1 = Answer is lacking multiple major details
0 = Question in not answered or answer given is inappropriate