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301228 Drawing and CAD Assignment 1
Sketch house design
Issued week 1: due Friday 2nd April Value 40 marks
The task: Each student will design a single storey 3 bedroom house and provide the necessary documentation for the purposes of explaining the design to a potential buyer. The design of the house is entirely at your discretion but there are some limitations to be observed. The house should fit on a suburban block as shown in SITE PLAN. The local Council requires a 6m setback from the street boundary with garage an additional 1m further back and walls minimum 900mm from the side boundaries and 4m from the rear boundary. This is more than sufficient area for a well-designed three bedroom house. In 2012-13, new houses built in Australia had an average floor area of 240m² (Australian Property News). Do not try to fill up the entire available building space with your house design.Your design should be articulated. This means that it should have some steps in the external walls rather than a simple rectangular shape.
The market requirements in terms of garages, laundry, ensuite and family room should be researched and determined by you. It is important that the design should incorporate Passive Solar Design principles. You should also demonstrate awareness of energy and water saving strategies such as are required by the BASIX program for the NSW government.
Assessment requirements:
Each student will prepare sufficient documentation to clearly communicate their house design. A floor plan and at least two elevations should be provided. The format is A3 sized paper. You may use pen, pencil, texta, crayon, pastels ink etc to produce the rough sketches required for the development of your ideas. The final result should be neatly hand drawn and accurately to scale. The aim is to produce a workable plan that will be competitive in the market for mid range project homes in Western Sydney. Bring your rough sketches to tutorial classes in the weeks leading up to submission. You must bring in a progress design to your tutorials each week. Your tutors will give you feedback and suggestions.
Submission requirements:
All your A3 sized drawings are to be scanned into PDF format and then compiled as ONE document. Submit through the vUWS site in A1 Assignment portal.
Your grade will depend on the production of well organised house design with legibility, clarity and neatness.
Your drawings must be accurately to scale 1:100.
They must show the north point and the street direction correctly.
There will be deductions from your mark for the floor plan/ site plan if:
• The external walls of the house do not fit within the allowable building area
• Walls are shown with single lines
• Rooms are not labelled
• Room sizes are not shown
• Door swings are not shown
• Built-in fittings such as kitchen cupboards and bathroom fixtures are not shown
• Furniture is not shown
• Landscaping is not shown
• Floor area is not stated
• Roof lines and overhangs are not shown on the floor plan There will be deductions from elevations if:
• Outside ground level is not shown as different from interior floor level
• Windows are shown without window frames
• The type of window is not indicated
• Roof pitch is not specified
• Roof shows anomalies in shape Hints on design features:
• The house should not take up almost all of the allowable building area
• Daytime living areas should have north facing glass – a large deduction will occur if this is ignored
• The garage should not be undersized (it can be single or double)
• Internal bedrooms are not acceptable
• Internal bathrooms are undesirable and must have clear labels that they are to be mechanically ventilated
• Landscaping should support passive solar design
Late submissions without a Special Consideration application incur a penalty so plan to get your work in on time – good practice for a future professional builder/building designer.
In summary, the marking criteria are as follows:
Assessment Criteria
Design Quality 20 marks Presentation quality 20 marks
Fail Unsatisfactory layout with no evidence of passive solar design (PSD) principles and/or inappropriate room sizes. Not to scale, missing elevations, doors and windows not shown
Satisfactory Pass Simple PSD house layout with a few planning anomalies and/or omissions. Some rooms poorly sized. Not clearly drawn or accurately to scale, untidy and messy
Credit Acceptable PSD floor plan layout, adequate room relationships and sizes. Clearly drawn floor plan and elevations, accurately to scale
Very good
Distinction Economical PSD floor plan layout without obvious errors or omissions. Well thought out room relationships. As above but with additional information on detail and finishes shown graphically
High distinction Professional quality PSD floor plan and elevations. Economical and fully resolved floor layout. Professional quality presentation