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Assignment 1
Take a sample of students from EWU. Your sample will be decided by your university ID.
[Suppose your ID is 2020-1-80-108. Select the last digit of your ID. Here is it 8. Now add 30 to 8. So 38 will be your sample size and you have to collect information from 38 students.]
Collect information about the name of department and total internet usage per day. Please try to collect information from students of different departments.
1. Present the data into a frequency distribution table.
2. Find out the average (mean, median, mode) internet use per day. Which measure of central tendency give you the best result for this data.
3. Also estimate all three quartiles, 7th decile and 59” percentile.
4. Find out range, mean deviation, quartile deviation and standard deviation.
5. Calculate measures of skewness and kurtosis. And interpret the results.
6. Develop a suitable graph for internet use.
7. Show the data of department in a suitable graph.
8. Also develop a five summary plot the variable -internet use- and interpret it.
Prepare your assignment in a word file and submit it. Also submit the file of the data analysis.
Submission date: 2nd April 2021
[No late submission will be accepted]
[Use any suitable software for analysis]

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