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Monash University
Information Technology
Assignment 1 - Individual Presentation
The News on the Web
Develop and deliver a 5-minute presentation video. This presentation will detail your research into issues relating to an article from the provided online articles list regarding a recent web-related issue.
Presentation Guidelines
X Do not simply provide a summary of your selected/assigned article.
• Show evidence of further research to support/dispute statements made in the article.
• Provide simple, understandable, explanations of key concepts introduced in the article.
• Identify and explore a key technical issue and a key societal issue relevant to the article.
• Explain why issues from the article are relevant to web users today.
Do prepare presentation slides to use during the presentation.
• Slides should be visual aids that support the points discussed in the presentation.
• Present information in a way that is easy for your audience to interpret and understand.
• List all references used in the presentation on a separate slide at the end of the presentation. The reference list does not need to be included in the presentation delivery.
? Make sure your presentation is easy for others to watch.
• Practice your delivery at least once before recording your presentation.
• You can make use of speaking notes - do not rely solely on reading the presentation slides.
• Learn how to use presentation recording tools to capture your slides, [week 3 lab activity]
• Compress your recorded video using web-compatible format, [week 4 lab activity]
Marking Criteria (10%)
• Overview of article and core issue
• Ability to identify and clearly explain key concepts
• Evidence of further research beyond the assigned article
• Preparation and use of visual aids
• Quality of presentation delivery
In-class Participation Milestones (2% x 2)
1. Attend the week 2 lab session to be assigned an article by your tutor.
2. Complete online peer assessment of 3 other presentations before the end of week 5.
Due: Week 4, Friday 8pm
• Techniques for recording and optimising the file size of your presentation video will be covered in lab activities.
• Upload a video recording of your presentation delivery to the Assignment 1 Presentation Recording Upload activity during week 4.
• Upload your prepared presentation slides on Moodle as a PPTX or PDF file.
Semester 1,2021
FIT1050 Web Fundamentals
Online Article List
Each student in a lab class will be assigned an article for this assignment. You must attend the session to be allocated an article by your tutor to satisfy the requirements for participation milestone 1.
1. Australia’s plan to block sites hosting ex
2. Brave Browser adds peer-to-peer IPFS proto to combat censorship