Recent Question/Assignment

Part 1 (200 Words)
Your LinkedIn profile is likely to be one of the first things that any prospective employer will look at. How do you think that you could improve your current LinkedIn profile to ensure that you will ‘stand out from the crowd’? Be as specific as you can. This is an exercise in improving your current profile and not a general discussion on or about ‘LinkedIn’. No theory and no generic guides here please. Give us your best ideas with specific references to how you will improve your current profile.
Part 2 (200 Words)
Now that you have assessed professional skills using mySFIA, you should be able to assess the skills that you have used and demonstrated in your internship. Select the top 3 skills that you have now applied in your work and describe these using SFIA terminology. How could you incorporate these into your LinkedIn profile ‘Summary’ section and relate these to your internship and current experience using specific SFIA professional skills and the ‘STAR technique’ to describe examples?
LinkedIn Id =
Internship role = Business Analyst.
The work I am doing is down below
Task Training delivery Skill development
Work Place Induction Introduction to supervisor, immediate team and wider teams
Full induction of the workplace amenities and WHS policies and procedures
Discussion of the role, expectations, Training Plan and learning outcomes Learn how to ingrate into a new team and build rapport within the organisation
Learn the organisational structure of a professional organisation
Learn and become aware of WHS policies
Learn how to communicate and behave in a professional work environment
Role Induction Shadow team members to gain an understanding of the day to day activities
Training on role specific tasks, procedures and systems that the student is expected to carry out throughout the placement as per the PD
Day to Day Tasks Provide assistance and IT support to internal and external customers
Timely administration of job tickets to meet SLA’s
Prioritize and escalate tickets accordingly
Answer calls directed to the IT support desk
Log and track support calls in the designated system(s)
Identify and resolve level 1 technical issues
Troubleshooting technical issues
Software/system updates and installations
Desktop installations
IT provisioning Exposure to an operational support desk environment
Time Management
Attention to detail
Confidence dealing with customers.
Develop a solid understanding of the support process
Learn to identify and resolve technical issues
Exposure to operational systems
Business Consulting Schedule a mid-point review meeting with mentor/supervisor to discuss experience, feedback and areas of improvement and development
Share ideas and suggest process improvements Learn how to receive constructive feedback and reflect on personal and professional attributes to build a course of development and evaluation
Gain confidence in expressing opinions and identifying areas of improvement
Conclusion and Review Conduct an official handover of tasks with status updates of ongoing cases
Exit evaluation with mentor/ supervisor to provide two way feedback on experiences, challenges and development Develop organisational skills