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Describe the global sport and recreation business environment.
B) Apply management and business planning tools to the sports industry.
c) Understand and explain risk in a sport business context.
d) Identify social and ethical issues that can influence the sports business community.
Assessment 1 requires you to reflect on previous experiences you have had in sport as a participant, spectator, coach, official, or volunteer. When sharing your experience think about the emotions you felt, the impact of the sport on you and other people involved, and any issues or outcomes from the experience that you still think about. This reflection will help you with Assessment 2 and 3 where you will be creating a new sport or modifying an existing sport for other people.
Reflect on your previous experiences involved in sport. Consider the following:
( To help the expert with the questions below I answered the question for he/she can use in the assessment.
? What was your first involvement in sport?
My answer: I'm an ex swimmer and water polo player I used to compete for my country, I live in Australia for over 6 years and here I started as a Poollifeguard, I became a Beach lifeguard, and going for the transiction of swim instructor and now I a swim coach.
I'm also an open swim water coach
Last year before the pandemic I became bronze coach medallion and today I work for Sydney University sports aquatic center.
? Who influenced your involvement in sport?
My answer My mom was an ex-water polo player and she used to compete in my country too.
? Did you focus on one sport or try multiple sports?
My answer I used to play volleyball but I ended up having a lot of injuries and my treatment was a lot of rehab with water that's when I started to know more about water polo.
? Were your sports experiences positive, negative, or a combination of both?
My answer based on my experience if you have a good leader at the sport we can achieve a lot of goals, but bad management of the team can have a very negative impact in the athlete take in them even to the stage of depression in some cases.
? What feelings or emotions did your sports experiences evoke?
My answer Love, hate, anger, happiness, expectations, anxiety, relief.
? Do you recall any risks or ethical issues from your sports experiences?
My answer No!
The answers above are actually my experience.
When you have finished your reflection write a paper that addresses the following:
? A brief summary of your introduction to the sport
? A sporting experience that has provided positive memories for you
? The factors, conditions, or people that contributed to this positive experience
? Any risks, social or ethical issues that influenced this experience
? How this experience shaped your interest in the management of sport today.
Please be objective, make the reflective journal flow and understandable matching with the requirements
For this topic above I have attached the slides for the class.

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