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Yellow Belt Student Assignment
In a busy insurance office claims are being processed by up to 8 people on a daily basis. There are ten people working in office, a manager, secretary/receptionist, claims processors (6), typist and temporary staffer. On average upwards of 22 claims are reviewed and processed every day.
The office has a demand for handling 26 claims on average however with errors being rectified there is always a backlog and staff usually work unpaid OT to catch up. The errors that occur vary from incorrect coding resulting in claims being sent back from head office for rework to poor fax copies being received in the head office.
Other errors include: missing data on clients, missing signatures, missing approvals and incomplete descriptive data.
Frustration is high in the office. Stationary is not always available and the photocopier breaks down at least once a week.
The Office manager is being called to head office to explain why the error rate is so high and what they are going to do about correcting it. He is worried that he will lose his job or that the office will be closed.
He has called you, his friend, and asked you to advise him on what he can do to resolve the issues and explain how to do it.
Describe in approximately 1500 words, diagrams, tables, etc., how you would respond to his request to ensure he is successful in his attempts to fix the issues he is experiencing.