Recent Question/Assignment

3000 wordcount
references does not include wordcount
There should be references but it shouldnt be numbered with the word count
A 3,000 word (max) single-authored report (worth 100%). Assessments that exceed the 3,000 word limit will be capped at P1.
The brief:
Acting as a Marketing Consultant:
Launch a product or service of your choice onto the UK market in 2020/21 or 2021/22 and sustain it for 12 months. You could also select a company from the list below and launch a new product or service:
Aramark, Boeing, Caterpillar, DuPont, Emirates, General Electric, ICICI Bank, L’Oréal, Nairn’s Oatcakes Ltd, PayPal, Reliance Industries Ltd, Tyson Foods, Tata Consultancy Services, United Health Group; Verizon Communications, Walt Disney, Waste Management Inc.
You must not choose a product or service that is already on the market, UNLESS you are planning a substantial repositioning and rebranding of that product or service. Consider one of the following:
a particular product or service
a product or service range
an event
another aspect which requires communication to a user / customer
Students are expected to discuss all elements of the marketing or services mix.
In business it is important to be concise, and relevant. The word count of this report will help you develop these skills.
The report should have three (3) parts.
Part 1: Analysis of the Market & Objectives
Analyse the current market (competitors, environment – internal/micro, external / macro)
Identify objectives (corporate and marketing) / key performance indicators
Part 2: Strategy, Target and Tactics/Actions
Set a strategy
Define target market
Identify tactics (marketing mix)
Address sustainability issues
Part 3: Measurement and control
What resources are required?
How will strategy be implemented?
How will success be measured?
Be detailed and specific.
Apply theory
Explain and justify your choices
Include the following:
An analysis of the internal and external environment
Your targeting strategy
SMART objectives
A discussion of the relevant aspects of the marketing/services mix
Definition of relevant and justified controls and measurements (Key Performance Indications and Critical Success Factors).
Analysis of issues of sustainability and how these might be addressed
A timeline for the campaign period and budget breakdown of expenditure.
Marking criteria:
Situation Analysis and Objectives (30%) (Internal and external marketing environment, Objective setting )
Strategy, Target, Tactics/actions (50%) (Proposal and justification of target market, strategic planning, tactical implementation (marketing /services mix))
Measurement and Controls (10%) (Proposals for project management and measurement of campaign)
Referencing and Presentation of Report (10%) (Sourcing and using appropriate material. Using appropriate referencing and citation conventions.)
Theory should be applied throughout.
Issues of sustainability should be addressed where necessary