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Activity 7
There are two documents on Moodle site(bottom of the page, the page link shows as the following), please use to example of agenda and meeting minutes to complete activity 7
Activity 9
Your team is concerned that they have insufficient knowledge/ understanding of safety procedures and legislative requirements in your workplace. They also feel that the incidence of accidents in your section is higher than it should be. They have asked you to submit, to senior management, a proposal for a formal health and safety training program.
What information would you include in the proposal and how would you encourage senior management to support this initiative? What procedures would you follow in gathering data and information to support your proposal? How likely is it that this or a similar proposal would be accepted in your workplace? 120–150 words
Activity 10
What are the benefits of evaluating training to both workers and the organisation? 80–100 words
When evaluating health and safety training, how can you determine the appropriateness and effectiveness of the training? 80–100 words
What should be evaluated in relation to a health and safety training program? 150–180 words
Activity 12
What is the difference between a risk and a hazard? 50–80 words
Create a 1 page checklist for a manager/ supervisor to assist them with the identification of hazards.
Activity 13
Why should organisations have comprehensive risk assessment procedures? 50–80 words
Q2 A hazard has been assessed as being unlikely, but would have major consequences. Using the risk matrix, identify the risk and what it means to the organisation.
What are the factors that impact upon the severity of an incident? 120–150 words
Activity 14
Give an example of each of the following types of controls for managing hazards.
a. Elimination.
b. Substitution.
c. Engineering.
d. Administration.
e. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
How often should risk assessments be conducted? 50–80 words
Activity 15
You are safety site supervisor for a commercial construction company. The company employs 12 administration personnel, 18 construction personnel and 60 subcontractors. They have a fairly strong health and safety program, but are concerned about increasing back injury reports.
Workers have been asked to identify and report on any inadequacies in existing risk controls relating to back injury and to the hierarchy of control. To whom should workers report? What are the responsibilities of the HSR or HSC in terms of reporting and monitoring the results of responses?
What is the hierarchy of control, how does it impact on risk controls in a situation like this, and why is important to regularly monitor and report on inadequacies? 350-400 words
Activity 16
Why is it important to keep health and safety records? 50–80 words
Name six health and safety records that must be kept by every organisation.
If you were the health and safety representative of a company, how would you ensure that the workers you represent were aware of recordkeeping requirements? 50–80 words
Activity 17
A workplace employs 75 workers who work for a total of 150,000 hours in a year. They experience eight lost time injuries for the year, resulting in 65 days off.
Calculate the following:
1. Frequency rate.
2. Incidence rate.
3. Average lost time/ severity rate.
Provide your workings.
You must present these statistics at the next senior management meeting. How you will present this information? Include copies of any graphs or tables that might be relevant.

Agenda Template Activity 7
Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 169 words

Activity 9 to 17
Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2361 words including References

Meeting minutes template Activity 7
Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 134 words

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