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3A Maureen
Maureen is a data analyst who works in a large government state department dealing with drug and alcohol abuse. The agency administers programs for individuals with drug and alcohol problems and maintains a huge database of information on the clients who use these services. Some of the data files contain the names and current addresses of clients. Maureen has been asked by her supervisor Max to take a look at the track records of the treatment programs. She is to put together a report that contains the number of clients seen in each program each month for the past five years: length of each client’s treatment, number of clients who return after completion of a program, criminal histories of clients, and so on. In order to put together this report, Maureen has been given access by Max to all files in the agency’s main server. After assembling the data into a file that includes the clients’ names, she downloads the file to her office computer. Under pressure from Max to get the report finished by the deadline, Maureen decides she will have to work at home over the weekend in order to finish on time. She copies the file to a USB and takes it home. After finishing the report, she leaves the USB at home and forgets about it.
What professional ethical dilemmas are Maureen and Max dealing with here? (e.g. Should we allow or sanction Maureen's behaviour? Is there a public interest question raised by this scenario? What actions do everyone involved need to take to ensure that this kind of situation does not occur again?)
Section 1 – The White Framework
Student Instructions: Fill in the Table below using short sentences or dot points to make a list in each section. You must fill out all three table cells under Issues/Results prior to marking it as complete. You should input 350-500 words into this section.
Case Study
Name & Number:
Step Process/Step Issues/Results
Step 1: Analyze - The Consequences
Step 2: Analyze - The Actions
Step 3: Make A Decision
Section 2 – The Governance and Regulatory Environment
Part 1 - ACS Code of Professional Conduct Analysis
Identify the appropriate ACS Code of Professional Conduct values along with the relevant sub-paragraph topics by number and sub-paragraph (e.g. 1.2.6 (g) – endeavour to extend public knowledge and understanding of ICT). Group each by value and appropriate corresponding sub-paragraphs relevant to your case study.
Case Study:
(Name & Number)
ACS Code of Professional Conduct Value & Section: 1.2.?
ACS Code of Professional Conduct Section: 1.2.?
ACS Code of Professional Conduct Section: 1.2.?
ACS Code of Professional Conduct Section: 1.2.?

Section 2 – The Governance and Regulatory Environment
Part 2 – Legislative and International Standards Analysis
Identify the appropriate Australian Legislation (e.g. Fair Work Act; Privacy Act). Identify and list relevant Australian/International Organization for Standardization/International Electrotechnical Commission (AS ISO/IEC) (e.g. AS ISO/IEC 38500:2016). Provide at least four items in each category in the boxes below.
Case Study:
Australian Legislation
AS/ISO/IEC Standards

Section 3 – Justifying a Decision and Recommending Appropriate Action
Make short text responses to the five (5) questions in the spaces provided. Each response should be between 50 - 80 words (Total not to exceed 400 words).
1. What were the most important professional ethics issues/dilemmas for you in your scenario? (Reference at least two core issues)
2. What do you believe are the most appropriate decisions to be made here for management, organisation and employees?
3. Who is responsible for taking what action here and why? (Name names!)
4. What can be done, or what strategies can be implemented to ensure that a similar situation does not occur again?
5. What did you learn from reading this scenario?

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1445 words including Template

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