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You are to use Peer Report 5 which is attached to this email.
Please use Harvard referencing as displayed in the attached examples document, with 13 references minimum.
Type: Evaluation and critical implementation plan
Length: 2500 words
Weighting: 50%
Due date: End of Week 6 (Sunday 11.59pm)
Learning outcomes: 3, 4, 5
Your assessment submission should include a cover page. Download the Cover page template (DOCX 12 KB).
Work-based skills
By completing this task, you will demonstrate that you are able to able to:
Evaluate and assess a given marketing management strategy and scrutinise on implementation perspectives across the marketing mix.
Review and consider the budgeting, reporting and implementation considerations of a marketing management strategy.
Explain management and coordination of the marketing management strategy from social, reputational and contingency perspective, devising original solutions and recommendation.
Assess for sites of reputational risk and provide contingency suggestions.
Demonstrate critical reasoning, state rationale and justification behind decision making and courses of action.
You are to act as a management consultant or advisor to review and critically assess a peer’s submitted preliminary marketing management strategy (from Assessment 2) and make recommendations for improvement through the development of an implementation plan. Students will be presented with the same marketing management strategy to complete this assessment task.
Download the A3 Evaluation and critical implementation plan template (DOCX 22 KB).
Assessment 3 Peer Report - for Group 1
Assessment 3 Peer Report - for Group 2
Assessment 3 Peer Report - for Group 3
Assessment 3 Peer Report - for Group 4
Assessment 3 Peer Report - for Group 5
Your report must clearly outline:
A short Implementation Plan (using unit resources to justify your suggestions) across components of the marketing mix for key launch decisions. Explain how it would look and what specifically should be done with respect to:
Promotions/Evangelism (incl. a short Brand Strategy if necessary)
Identify possible and critical sites of risk stemming from implementation (based upon STP or market research outlined, or the objectives stated in the marketing management strategy). Include a short PR response plan including proactive and reactive contingency.
Suggestions on the proposed budgeting method, including suggested forecasting metrics
Suggestions on the reporting methods, data, and dashboards that could be used to assist in the implementation and management of this marketing plan
A conclusion detailing three key managerial take-aways to ensure your peer’s launch plan is successful. You must provide evidence to reinforce why your implementation plan is preferred.
Your Implementation Plan must be prepared as a structured-response using the sample template below. Apply as much relevant content from this subject as possible from Weeks 3 to 6, but also consider the models and frameworks from across the unit to assist in your rationale.
Note: Suggested word counts for each item are included in the template.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2852 words including References

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