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Assessment 3
This chapter provides some resources to assist you in preparation and planning your assignment. Additional resources will be added following the webinars to be held early on in the October 2019 course (please refer to the schedule of learning).
Assessments will be able to be submitted into the drop box when it becomes active, which will be approximately one month before the due date.
Assessment 3: Essay
Due date: Before 23.59 (AEST) on Sunday May 23rd 2021
Word limit: 3000 words +/- 10%
A critical evaluation of an infection prevention and control practice, procedure, or policy
Critically examine an infection control practice , procedure or policy in your work area.
Synthesising your infection control knowledge, safety and cost effectiveness & where appropriate, the need to respect cultural values -
Make recommendations to improve practice.
Describe how you will implement and evaluate these changes and take appropriate action
Please note if you are currently not employed, answer this question in relation to your usual place of work/interest or your specialisation. The purpose of this is to develop your ability from novice to advanced in the management of infection prevention and control specific to your professional practice.
Now watch this webinar explains the essay in some more detail