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Biweekly Memos – 40%
The article with title :(Paper 13: IPO_2
Jin, C., Li, T., Zheng, S. X., & Zhong, K. (2017). The new capital raised in IPOs. Managerial Finance.
Which i attaches as attachment should do :
1- a short summary report
And here is an instructions :
You will be asked to write concise memos relating to the selected readings on biweekly basis. Each week there will be presentations and discussions of assigned readings by one or more groups alternately.
Maximum length of the memos is 700 words; memos exceeding this word limit will be returned for revision. Different formats could be used, but it is useful to include items such as:
- Ideas and arguments found stimulating,
- Questions, concerns and disagreements with the main claims of each text, and
- Connections, similarities and differences among the various texts.
Each group (individual) of DBA candidates is required to make a short summary report about the assigned academic article (2 pages at maximum of 700 words - 12 font, Times New Roman, 1.5 single space lines).
report summary of research paper include:
3- Research methodology, hypotheses
sample of paper
Hypotheses should return as:
H1: A significant negative relationship (profitability and leverage) in industrial companies.
H2 … H3 …. And so on
5-Data analysis and results
6-Contribution of the study
7-Policy implications.
8- conclusion and contribution of paper
9-critque of whole paper