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For this assessment you should choose one of the following companies and answer the questions with reference to the company selected:
1)A2B Australia Limited (ASX Code: A2B)
2)Resmed Inc. (ASX Code: RES)
This assessment is concerned with evaluating cost-reduction strategies, balanced scorecard, the nexus between BSC and common good, quality perspectives, pricing policy and customer profitability analysis with specific reference to the company chosen from the list above.
1.Explain what methods you would use to reduce costs and enhance valuewithin this company. Discuss the potential efficacy of each method. (10 marks)
2.Identify three (3) prevention, appraisal, internal failure, and external failureactivities and construct a Quality Report Card. Explain how prevention andappraisal costs related to internal and failure costs. (20 marks)
3.Construct a balanced scorecard for the company. Explain whether thecompany needs a balanced scorecard, and how the company might be able touse it.
(20 marks)
4.Should the nature of the balanced scorecard vary by country or are theresome basic concepts that are equally applicable in every country? (10 marks)
5.How might customer profitability analysis be used to improve the company’sperformance? Describe how Microsoft Excel can be utilised to measure theprofitability of customers. Describe the key challenges that the company mustovercome to analyse customer account profitability. (20 marks)
6.Describe how pricing can contribute to common good. (10 marks)
7.Explain how managers in the company decide which products in a sales mixto emphasize. (10 marks)
Due date TBA
Weighting 50%
Length and format 1,500±10% words words/business report
Learning outcomes assessed LO1, LO3, LO5
Graduate attributes assessed GA2, GA5, GA6, GA8
How to submit Turnitin via Examination Management System LEO site
Return of assignment n/a
Assessment criteria n/a

The assignment should be submitted as a business report:
•Table of contents
•The body of the assignment (answers to questions)
All referencing should be in ACU Harvard style. Please ensure your assignment makes use of in-text citations and a reference list. Missing citations or references is equivalent to plagiarism.

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