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Nationalism and Ethnicity in the International System
Deadline: 10th of January
• There are two separate reviews/essays of this module.
• The following directions are applicable for both the essays independently.
Within the maximum limit of 5 pages, you can write a text with more or less words, depending on the type and size of the font used.
Regarding the TYPE, he recommend using CALIBRI or ARIAL.
Regarding the SIZE only 11 or 12.
As for the line spacing, he recommend using the 1.5.
Alternatively you can use 1.15 but then the font size must be 12 points.
In case you are citing Bibliography at the end of the review, you can use Harvard referencing (1), Vancouver system or any other system (2) - you just need to be consistent.
Review – 1
based on
Review – 2
based on

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