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three assessments include
- assessment 1 part A
- assessment 1 part B
- assessment 2
please answer following the headline and instruction
650-700 words for each assessment
BSBHRM512 Develop and Manage Performance Management Process
Task 1- Part A Instructions
*** Firstly, you visit this link:
*** Now you try to know about this company. Check what they do and what is their goal, what type of service they provide.
*** Now consider you are working as Human Resource Manager for this organization.
*** You need to prepare a performance management process for this organization.
*** For this you need to describe these below points.
*** Make sure you take off all the instructions marked in RED
1. A summary of strategic goals
Write down the strategic goals listed in Assessment page # 3 and then explain those points in your own words.
2. An overview of the concept of performance management system (research-based)
In your own words explain what the performance management system is.
For this you can go to the below link:
3. Which key performance criteria/requirements emerge from or are related to the strategic goals?
Set some criteria (4- 5) for success of the overall business as organization. Remember to link it with the organization and organization goals that you mentioned in number 1.
You can get some example from the below links:
4. A process of HOW the managers can develop KPIs for their workers (explain with use of examples)
Describe the process you will follow to develop the KPI for your employees working in Relationship Australia. Please follow the below link:
Trainer – Shahed Rahman
BSBHRM512 Develop and Manage Performance Management Process
5. Example of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for at least two of the employee types Set 2 – 3 KPI for your employees working for two different departments.
? Aboriginal Australians
? Multicultural Service You can get more information on:
6. An outline of an overall performance management process in a step-by-step format (i.e.
what and how it happens)
Go to this link and relate the process with Relationship Australia
7. A process to identify performance gaps (e.g. strategy or tools)
From the below link apply any one or more tool with Relationship Australia that you will use to identify the gaps.
8. A process to address the performance gaps (e.g. steps to be taken)
Relate the five steps from the below link and explain with your organization.
9. Key/likely stakeholders in implementing the plan
List down the entire stakeholder who will be responsible or effected with this performance management system. Explain how they will be affected
10. Key legislative/regulatory requirements that impact of performance management of employees (e.g. references to legislations)
Rules and regulations that we need to follow during performance management of employees.
Find any three from the below link:
*** Finally, you also need to prepare two templates for Relationship Australia
Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Development Form
Performance Appraisal Form ce_appraisal.pdf
*** While designing the template – you can go to these links for more understanding of these forms.
*** Make sure you include ‘Relationship Australia’ logo in the document or templates.
Trainer – Shahed Rahman
Task 1 - Part B Instructions
*** Remember Task B is divided in 2 parts – you need to submit both parts for competency.
*** This is a continuation of your Task 1. Some point may be you need to write again in this part from Part A.
*** In this section you will prepare a performance management plan for Relationship Australia’s employee. You can prepare a plan for the whole organization or you can select a particular department of the organization and prepare a plan.
*** To be competent you need to include all these below points.
*** Remember to take off all the Red texts before you submit.
PART 1 - Performance Management Plan
1. Goals and objective –
? What is your goal with the organization / department’s goal in terms of employee’s performance?
? Remember you need to create some goals and objective for the organization or your particular department.
2. Key HR strategies related to performance management
? Discuss the strategies or tactics your will use to reach those goal that you have described in previous section.
? (‘How’ the goals and objectives will be achieved) ? Please visit the below link for more understanding
3. Internal consultation procedure
? (E.g. who are the key people, how will you communicate the plan to them, and how will plan get approvals)
? You can go to the below link and identify a suitable procedure and relate with Relationship Australia.
4. Methods and processes for implementation of the plan
(Table format – step by step)
Prepare a Plan in different stages for example you can divide all the works and divide in 4 stages and set a time line for this and explain all the activities in these stages. You can also prepare a Gant chart.
Stage Activities that will be conducted Timeline
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
5. Performance review system
(Use the sample Performance Appraisal form developed in Assessment Task1)
6. Policy for dealing with poor performance and employment terminations
? What happens, under what conditions, and how; describe the process with due legislative requirements
? In what condition you will terminate the employee ? Follow the link below for more understaning
7. Performance feedback method
? How employees will be informed of the outcome of the appraisal?
? When as a manager you will complete the performance appraisal – how you will inform it to the management? Follow the below link for more understanding:
8. Mechanisms for monitoring and evaluation of the Performance Management Plan ? How you will monitor the performance of your employee?
? How will you evaluate your employee?
? When you review there performance? ? Go to the below link for more understanding
Part 2 - Learning and Development Plan
Assume that you have been asked to conduct a performance review of one of your junior managers.
Please use the Key Performance Indicators that you developed in developed in Assessment task1- Part A.
Now assume that an employee has not achieved satisfactory performance in some of key areas. Basically he or she got some shortage of skills in those category.
So as a manager you need to provide learning and development opportunities as part of the performance management plan.
Learning and development plan
For this you can use the below table
Performance Criteria Missing Training Activities to overcome the skills When the training will be conducted Who will provide the training
Also answer these below questions in a piece of paper
About Training
? Describe how this plan will be communicated to the employee and what arrangements will be made to facilitate training/learning
? Identify who will address the development needs
Training outcomes
Expected training outcomes
How the company will be benefitted from the training ?
Remedial strategies
(What you will do if training does not go as planned)

BSBHRM512: Task 2 Instructions
Knowledge Test
Q1. What is a performance management system? How does it link to organisational objectives?
Please follow the link and try to understand and write it your own words. Please do not copy paste from the link.
Q2. State four key reasons for poor performance. How should a manager deal effectively with poor performance?
Please follow the link and try to understand and write it your own words.
Q3. List three key legislative requirements in dealing with terminations due to poor performance.
Please follow the link and try to understand and write it your own words. List down some rules and regulations and explain.
Q4. Describe the concept of 360 degree feedback.
Please follow the link and try to understand and write it your own words.
Q5. Describe key characteristics of a learning organisation.
Please follow the link and try to understand and write it your own words.

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