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Unit Title: Business Research Project
Assessment Title: Topic Development
Word limit: 1200.
Reference: Havard Referencing Style
1.Demonstrate an understanding of the research planning process, business research methods and understanding importance of professional ethics, and of how to recognize and address ethical issues when they arise in a business research project.
2. Apply concepts of business research to business scenarios.
5. Develop a research proposal, research project plan, literature review to be able to solve business problem and explain research outcomes.
Purpose of the assessment (with ULO Mapping):
Clearly identify your chosen topic, having carried out some basic review of available secondary data to secure your interest (e.g. 5 academic articles OR at least 3 academic articles, plus a business report, plus a relevant current news item). Indicate the Research Problem, as you see it so far, and at least ONE research question at this stage (additional questions may be defined as you progress with this unit).
Assignment 1 - the Topic Development - is to ensure you have given sufficient thought to the topic you are choosing to base your research project on.
You can nominate any topic of interest to you (but NOT from the list below).
1. Challenges related to Leading Global Teams
2. Protecting endangered wild-life
3. How online learning is changing expectations of students in and out of the classroom
4. Challenges in Cyber Security for Business
5. Overcoming the effects of Covid19 in business
The above, whilst they may serve as examples of the types of Research Topic that exist, cannot be selected for this trimester. Please develop your own unique topic.
Please refer to the detailed assignment instruction for your Topic Development assignment.
Assignment Structure of Topic Development should be as the following:
1. Official Cover Sheet
2. Say why this topic interests your team
3. Discuss your team’s initial search for relevant literature and show that it has provided you
with a good contextual understanding
4. Define the Research Problem that your team intends to address (as you see it, so far)
5. Propose at least ONE research question that your team will be seeking to answer through
your research project (additional questions may be defined as you progress with this unit).
Topic identification and discussion: Topic is clearly identified with very good discussion
Initial literature search: At least 4 academic sources with good argument
Statement of Research Problem: The research problem is very-well evident
Research Question: Clear, concise, compelling