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Product/service Approval: Weight: 5 marks = 5 %. Length: 200 words
By the end of week 5 (11pm Wednesday 9thDecember) group needs to submit the product/service that they will select for the group report The proposal includes: Introduction about the product or service. Please be aware about the requirement of the product/service. if has to be an innovative product/service which has never been in the market before and not belong to any existing company
By 16 I ¦ r, if the product/service is approved, group can select it to do the group report. The approval will be indicated in the feedback to learner box in the proposal submitted
If the topic is not approved on 16th December, the topic approval assignment is marked Zero. And no later than 20th December,the new proposal needs to be resubmitted. The new proposal won't be marked.If the group does not select a different product/service as required, the group report will be marked Zero. The coordinator will inform the group if the new product/service is approved by email

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