Recent Question/Assignment

Please answer the case study question
The Space Center Strategy highlights the need to engage local private sector in executing and delivering space technologies and services. Currently, there are only 4 local private sector companies that provides downstream activities and almost no company in upstream activities. This minimal local content percentage caused higher financial leakages to outside companies, lowering the local economic impact of space projects.
In an effort to solve this issue, TSC suggested to establish a fully integrated space company that works on upstream activities as well as downstream activities. The proposed company will work as a system integrator to boost local SMEs to provide subsystem to the company. TSC before putting the suggestion forward must ensure that this company will not compete with private sector (current and future), and it should contribute in reducing market entry barriers.
SSC must decide:
1- Ownership of the company (Owned By TSC “the sector regulator”, Private sector, …)
2- Capital requirements (Based on the projects that will be executed by the company)
A. Please analyze ownership options, what do you think is the best option, and why?
B. Based on the attached excel sheet, do you think the company will be profitable? how much capital injection does the company need?
C. If we said that one the company’s Strategic Objectives is to “Improve the Local Space Industry”, suggest KPIs that link to this objective
Note: Please show as much analysis as possible, PowerPoint replies are preferable.