Recent Question/Assignment

Length: 2500 words (+/-10%)
Weight: 50%
Due date: End of Week 6 (11.59pm Sunday)
This unit has examined the importance and impact of concepts such as ethics, sustainability and corporate social responsibility within contemporary commercial and organisational contexts. The final assessment requires you to examine a specific business and its approach in relation to both ethics and sustainability by critically analysing and evaluating the issues and implications of ethics, sustainability and corporate social responsibility.
This assessment supports unit learning outcomes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.
Your assessment submission should include a cover page. Download the Cover page template (DOCX 12 KB).
To complete this assessment, using a problem-oriented case study format of no more than 2500 words:
Read Patagonia case study: long-term values over short-term gains (Antwerp Management School 2017) and Circular advantage anyone? Sustainability-driven innovation and circularity at Patagonia, Inc. (Rattalino 2017).
Identify and critically evaluate the issues Patagonia’s approach to business raises from a business ethics and sustainability perspective with particular reference to supply chain management, human rights and climate change. (1000 words)
Outline the key implications this approach has for the future of business structures and behaviour in this industry and in general. (500 words)
Identify both the strategic and operational/practice dimensions involved in implementing Patagonia’s approach in other businesses. (500 words)
Identify the opportunities and challenges which are inherent in addressing the ethics and sustainability issues within this industry. (500 words)
You may consider each of these questions separately, in which case the suggested word limit for each section should be taken as a guide (along with your introduction and conclusion). Alternatively, you may address the four questions using an integrated approach.
In your response, you should draw from the relevant literature and research to support your analysis. A minimum of ten (10) references is required. Illustrate your points with examples from relevant case studies about ethics and sustainability (these can be included within your ten references).
Use the correctly Harvard referencing style and include a Reference List in the Harvard style.
Supporting resources
Harvard referencing: Home (Victoria University Library 2019) has a variety of Harvard referencing resources that you can use.