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Assessment 2: Report
Due: 21 September, 2020 9am AEDT
Length: 1500 words (plus/minus 10 per cent)
Conditions: Individual
Weighting: 40%
The following assessment aims to examine how well you understand the relationship between key elements of the unit material such as authentic leadership, effective Leader-Member Exchange, management support factors, and the psychological capital of employees of different employee groups. It continues the development of Cultural Competence Learning Outcome and Graduate Attribute by facilitating students increased knowledge and awareness about how authentic leadership, effective Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) and management support interact on employees outcomes.
This assignment must be submitted through the Turnitin link for this assignment.
Facilitators will present students with a concept model from the journals you have listed in the reading list in the Unit Content section of Blackboard.
This assignment is about using the model that your facilitator has given you and:
1. Identify the journal article that the model comes from (make sure you include it in the reference list with SCU URL details).
2. Explain the model. This involves critically reading and writing about the concepts discussed in the journal article. You are expected to use some of the academic literature to support a well-constructed argument (a minimum of 5 references to other articles from the course material – more for higher grades). What are the factors in the model that you are looking at? What are the outcomes that are being investigated? What is the relationship between the factors in the model? (600 words)
3a. Application. If you are in a (paid or unpaid) work context, examine whether the way the factors interact in the model is similar to your understanding of how leadership behaviours affect employees’ outcomes in a workplace. Justify your response with reference to your own workplace and other journal articles in the unit content and reading list (900 words) Note: if you select this option you must get approval from your facilitator and you MUST demonstrate evidence that you are currently or recently employed by the organisation you are analysing.
3b. If you are not in a workplace setting at the moment, think about the findings that are presented in the model (and the journal article). Use the model and journal article to explain the type of leadership, management practices that employees experience and consider how it affects employee outcomes. Justify your response with reference to the findings in the article and other articles in the unit content and reading list (900 words)
• Do include a title page with a title that identifies the factors in the model
• Do not include an Executive Summary or Table of Contents
• Do structure your report with an Introduction, followed by the main body of the report where you explain the model and apply your understanding. Finish with a concluding paragraph.
• Do use Times New Roman, 12-point font, double line spacing
• Do number your pages
• Do refer to the literature conforming to the SCU Harvard referencing style
• You may use headings and sub-headings but they are not essential
Marking criteria
Sections Assessing criteria Weightage
Identification of the model • The model has been correctly identified with reference to the journal article in which the model was first published. 5 marks
Explanation of the model • The key factors/variables have been identified and explained (including the specific employee outcomes).
• The relationship between the factors has been explained clearly with reference to supporting literature. 10 marks
Applying the knowledge • There is clear evidence that the relationships in the theoretical model are understood
• There is evidence that the principles in the model could be effectively applied to a practical situation
• There is a demonstrated understanding of the impact of leadership on employee performance 15 mark
Paragraphing, formatting and referencing • The introduction should have a topic sentence detailing the topic of the report, and an outline of the report. Avoid using references to the literature in your Introduction (except for a reference to the article in which your model was published).
• Each paragraph that follows should be a well-constructed paragraph comprising approximately 150 words each. A paragraph should have a topic sentence. This should be followed by sentences that are referenced (i.e. intext citations using SCU Harvard style guide) and add depth to the argument development.
• The final paragraph should provide a summary of the report. It requires no references and is usually shorter than other paragraphs.
• Sources reviewed are acceptable and referenced correctly
• The formatting conforms to the specified requirements
• Include a Reference List in alphabetical order formatted in accordance with the SCU Harvard style guide 10 marks
Total 40

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