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the assessment is based in a case study called 4phoens intranet
Course Name

Diploma of Project Management V2
Project Charter Assignment

Table of Contents
Course Name 1
Project Charter Assignment 1
Units 3
How you will be assessed 3
How this assessment will be marked 3
Resources 4
What you have to do 4
Scenario 4
Task 4
What you need to submit for this assessment 5
How to submit your assessment 5

This assessment counts towards completion of unit/s:
Units Name
BSBPMG511 Manage project scope
BSBPMG519 Manage project stakeholder engagement
How you will be assessed
Possible results for this assessment are:
S – Satisfactory
U – Unsatisfactory. You will be asked to resubmit the assessment.
F – Fail.
To achieve a Pass you must successfully complete all tasks.
How this assessment will be marked
Satisfactory Unsatisfactory Fail Teachers Comments
Document control
Document Information
Document History
Document Approvals
Executive Summary
Describes the project in brief
Project Definition
Project Organisation
Project Team Role Responsibilities
Uses Project Charter template effectively
Spelling / Grammar
Overall Achievement
You will need the following resources to complete this assignment:
• 4Phones Intranet
o Our company, Our People & Our Partners
o Open Source Project – Communications
• Guide to completing a project charter.pdf
• Project Charter.dotx
What you have to do
You are a new employee of 4Phones IT Department. You have been approached by David Blair, IT Manager who has asked you to be Project Manager for the migration to Open Office Software.
All documentation relating to the project can be found in the 4Phones intranet.
The Project Charter document is quite a comprehensive document. It states the boundaries for undertaking the project by describing its scope, the organisation and proposed implementation approach.
Specifically, it defines the:-
• Project Vision, objectives scope and deliverables
• Project stakeholders, roles and responsibilities
• Proposed approach towards implementing the project
In this assignment you will be completing a Project Charter. You will need to examine the 4Phones Intranet case study to determine the objectives and scope of the Project.
Using the Project Charter Template supplied, prepare a Project Charter for approval by senior management.
The project charter template for this assignment does not include all the information that was discussed in the Guide to completing the project charter.
Save as ProjectCharterAss.docx
What you need to submit for this assessment
For this assessment you must submit the following file:
• ProjectCharterAss.docx
You must keep your own copy of this file.
How to submit your assessment
Using the OLS:
• Go to the Assessment Information page for unit BSBPMG511
• Submit ProjectCharterAss.docx using the Submit button for ProjectCharter_WrittenAssignment.

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