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Assessment instructions
1. Students are required to show their knowledge of current HRM topics by creating a poster and
fact sheet for ONE of the following HR topics:
• Health & Safety
• Sexual Harassment
• Drugs at Work
• Alcohol at Work
• Social Media at Work
• Absenteeism at Work
2. Document size/length
a. The poster should be A4 in size
b. The fact sheet should be A4 and designed as a handout
3. All documents will be submitted by Turnitin.
Turnitin accepts the following documents: pdf. doc. And ppt. Please use one of these formats.
Readings for the assessment
Content: Lecture Notes and course text book. Referencing: APA referencing as per the ICMS Style Guide.
Grading Criteria / Rubric
The students will be assessed on the criteria outlined in this marking rubric.
Assessment Outline:
As an HR Manager, it is your responsibility to educate employees on various aspects of Human Resources. Your CEO has asked you to design a poster and a fact sheet to help new employees during their induction.
Your poster and fact sheet must communicate to the new employee the following information:
1. A description of the chosen HR topic
2. How the new employee is involved
3. How their supervisor is involved
4. How the government is involved (legislation etc.)
5. How it contributes to the company’s overall success
Some possible companies include: a retail store, a hotel, a college, a sports club.
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An example of a poster and a fact sheet/brochure is taken from the Victorian State Government website that promotes Brodie’s Law. There are lots of examples like these that you can use for inspiration.
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Grading Rubric:
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