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Procedure 3 – Sending documents
Done as per specification
Procedure 4 – Email to relevant stakeholders
You are required to write an email that is intended for relevant stakeholders (stakeholders you have identified using appendix 3 above). In your email ask stakeholders for input, include a list of risks you have identified and invite them to assist in identifying any additional risks.
You are required to take a screenshot of an email as an evidence
Procedure 5 – Email to the CEO
Send the email to the CEO (your assessor) for reviewing your report and requesting a meeting to discuss identified risks and further risk management processes.
You are required to take a screenshot of an email as an evidence
Procedure 6
Roleplay – you would be playing the role of Ash & meet with the CEO
Create a compressed video (10 – 15 minutes) record this activity and submit it with an assessment on Moodle.
In this role play you will discuss the following with the CEO (your assessor) in a one on one meeting;
a. discuss your findings, particularly your understanding of the critical success factors and goals
b. explain the MacVille risk management process
c. discuss how you can communicate with stakeholders about the risk management processes in this scenario and invite them to participate in discussions to further identify risks associated with the scenario
d. obtain the CEO’s support for ongoing risk management activities
e. ask the CEO for input on additional risks.
Roleplay video attached.
Procedure 7
Summarise your discussion with the CEO in a dot point. This should include any recommendations they made to you.
Procedure 8
All files are submitted via Moodle.
APA style or Harvard style

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