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• All work is to be entirely of the student.
General Information for this assessment:
• Read the instructions for each question very carefully.
• Be sure to PRINT your FIRST name & LAST name in every place that is provided.
• Short questions must be answered in the spaces provided.
• For those activities requesting extra evidence such as: research reports, essay reports, etc. The student must attach its own work formatted in double space, Arial 12 pts.
• All activities must be addressed correctly in order to obtain a competence for the unit of competency.
• If the student doesn’t understand the assessment, they can request help from the assessor to interpret the assessment.
• Re-submission of assessment after the term will incur additional fees.
Re-assessment of Result& Academic Appeal procedures:
If a student is not happy with his/ her results, that student may appeal against their grade via a written letter, clearly stating the grounds of appeal to the Chief Executive Officer. This should be submitted after completion of the subject and within fourteen days of commencement of the new term.
• An appeal in writing is made to the Academic Manager providing reasons for re-assessment /appeal.
• Academic Manager will delegate another member to review the assessment.
• The student will be advised of the review result done by another assessor.
• If the student is still not satisfied and further challenges the decision, then a review panel is formed comprising the lecturer/trainer in charge and the Academic Manager or if need be an external assessor.
• The Institute will advise the student within 14 days from the submission date of the appeal. The decision of the panel will be deemed to be final.
• If the student is still not satisfied with the result, he / she has the right to seek independent advice or follow external mediation option with nominated mediation agency.
• Any student who fails a compulsory subject or appeals unsuccessfully will be required to re-enrol in that subject.
The cost of reassessment will be borne by the Institute. The external assessor will base his/her judgement based on principles of assessment. These principles require assessment to be reliable, fair, practical and valid.
Academic Appeals:
• If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the re-evaluation process, you have a right to appeal through academic appeals handling protocol.
• To appeal a decision, the person is required to complete the WSC- Request for Appeal of a Decision form with all other supporting documents, if any. This form is available via our website. The completed Request for Appeal form is to be submitted to the Student Support Officer either in hard copy or electronically via the following contact details:
Student Support Officer, Western Sydney College (WSC), 55 High St, Parramatta NSW 2150, Email:
• The notice of appeal should be in writing addressed to the Chief Executive Officer and submitted within seven days of notification of the outcome of the re-evaluation process.
• If the appeal is not lodged in the specified time, the result will stand and you must re-enrol in the unit.
• In emergency circumstances, such as in cases of serious illness or injury, you must forward a medical certificate in support of a deferred appeal. The notice of appeal must be made within three working days of the concluding date shown on the medical certificate.
• The decision of Chief Executive Officer will be final.
• Student would then have the right to pursue the claim through an independent external body as detailed in the students’ complaint / grievance policy.
Comments/ feedback to student:

Assessment Task 1: Case study
For this task you are required to answer the case study questions to demonstrate your knowledge of implementing and monitoring sustainable work practices.
? Access to textbooks and other learning materials.
? Access to a computer, printer, Internet and email software (if required)
? Waste Management Policy (provided by your assessor)
? Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices Policy (provided by your assessor)
? Sustainable Compliance Assessment Procedure (provided by your assessor)
? This task may be done in your own time as homework or you may be given time to do this task in class (where applicable).
? Your assessor will provide you with the due date for this assessment.
If your assessor marks any of your answers as incorrect, they will make arrangements with you about resubmission. Your assessor may ask you some questions verbally to check your understanding, or you may need to provide new written responses to the questions that were answered incorrectly. Your assessor will give you a due date by which this must be provided.
The following written questions may use a range of ‘instructional words’, such as ‘identify’ or ‘explain’. These words will guide you as to how you should answer the question. Some questions will also tell you how many answers you need to give – for example, ‘Describe three strategies…’.
? Describe – when a question asks you to ‘describe’, you will need to state the most noticeable qualities or features. Generally, you are expected to write a response of two or three sentences in length.
? Explain – when a question asks you to ‘explain’, you will need to make clear how or why something happened or the way it is. Generally, you are expected to write a response of two or three sentences in length.
? Identify – when a question asks you to ‘identify’, you will need to briefly describe the required information. Generally, you are expected to write a response of two or three sentences in length.
? List – when a question asks you to ‘list’, this means you will need to briefly state information in a list format, often with a specific number of items indicated.
? Outline – when a question asks you to ‘outline’, this means giving only the main points. Generally, you are expected to write a response of two or three sentences in length.
? Read the case study below and use the three documents supplied to you by your assessor to answer all questions correctly.
? You must answer the questions by typing your answers in Microsoft Word or a similar program – your assessor will advise as to whether you must email them your completed assessment, submit the file on a USB drive or hand in a hard copy.
The Best Bite Cafe
You are the owner of the Best Bite Café, a burger restaurant located in the trendy, inner city suburbs of Melbourne. You have always had the vision of creating an ethical and sustainable business that provided a warm and welcoming environment to all.
The Café seats 30 people in the dining room and has a small, fully-equipped commercial kitchen at the back.
Being a small local business it primarily targets locals, however the range of customers varies greatly across different age groups.
The Best Bite tries to cater for all customer desires and needs and sources its products based on locality and seasonality.
You are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve on the café’s sustainability practices and have recently signed up to a voluntary program for environmental sustainability and resource efficiency.
The first step of the program requires you to investigate current resource usage and conduct research on relevant regulatory requirements.
While conducting your research you identified a number of legislative requirements that were new to you and thought it necessary to review the café’s current policies and procedures to ensure these compliance requirements are being met.
You also think it will be beneficial for all staff to participate in this program and have arranged an information session to discuss the topic further.
Before attending the session, you decided to gather and document information on current resource usage to demonstrate the influence each member has on sustainable work practices.
List one piece of legislation, one regulation and one code of practice that relate to environmental issues in this workplace. Explain the compliance requirements of each.
a) Obtain a copy of the following procedure from your assessor:
? Sustainable Compliance Assessment Procedure.
Review your compliance responsibilities as the business owner. Research and document areas in which the café’s Sustainable Compliance Assessment Procedure could be improved.
List at least five things to be added into the policy.
b) Obtain a copy of the following internal policy from your assessor:
? Waste Management Policy
Review the policy and identify five areas where The Best Bite Café can improve their practices.
To complete this task, you must conduct research on current systems for resource efficiency by reviewing current industry publications, journals, associations and/or speaking with subject matter experts. You must reference the sources of information.
a) List two approaches you could apply in the workplace to assess compliance work practices.
b) List four examples of common environmental and sustainable issues for cafés and restaurants.

Review the following sources (or any other source you feel appropriate) and collect information that can be shared with your work group (at The Best Bite Café) on positive sustainable practices:
? Australian conservation foundation
? Climate friendly
? Department of climate change
? Sustainable Business Australia
? Eco office
c) Summarise key pieces of this information here. Remember to list your sources.
d) Outline how you would share this information to your work group and why.
Describe how you could measure and document current resource usage for the following at The Best Bite Cafe:
? Paper
? Energy such as electricity
? Water
? Transportation
? Wastage.
A minimum of one example for each item is required.
Describe three examples of different purchasing approaches you could use and how they can contribute to sustainable work practices.
List five stakeholders you could seek input from when setting targets. For each example provide the type of input they may provide.
The Best Bite Café continued…
After conducting research and consulting with relevant people you have developed a plan of action. You are now ready to implement your changes. Having seen a number of systems fail due to the way they were introduced and implemented in the past you decided to evaluate this process.
As part of your implementation plan, you have decided to provide an ongoing monitoring program and evaluation process.
Describe the approach you would take as the manager to communicate the change to both your team and senior management.
Describe how you would support your team during this project.
What costing strategies could you implement for paper-based item usage (paper, paper towel, toilet rolls etc.)?
List at least five reflective questions you would expect to see in an evaluation tool.
Describe how you would monitor paper-based item usage and how you would report the progress to staff.
List two strategies you could implement to evaluate the overall project.
The Best Bite Café continued
Findings from the evaluation activity are as follows:
? Some targets were not realistic and need to be reviewed.
? Some of the strategies were not user-friendly and require review.
? Staff were not happy with how they were acknowledged and rewarded for their contributions.
Describe how you would reward your team for their efforts.
Describe how you would set new targets and strategies for continuous improvement?
• Your answers to each question.
Assessment Record Checklist
Yes No
Did the student answer all questions correctly? (Please note which questions were answered incorrectly, if applicable.)
If ‘no’ to the above, did you identify gaps in the student’s understanding and knowledge?
If ‘yes’ to the above, have arrangements have been made for reassessment?
¨ I have reviewed the mapping to this task.
¨ I have analysed the evidence gathered against the requirements of this task and am satisfied that the student has satisfactorily demonstrated the knowledge required of this unit.
Where any items above are marked ‘No’, please provide comments and outline the gaps below. Ensure feedback is provided to the student on their Assessment Task Cover Sheet. Note actions that will be taken to correct the gaps.
Assessment Task 1 outcome: Satisfactory • Not Satisfactory •
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