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Assessment 2.2 - Essay (1400 words)
Assessment 2: Major essay: Part 2: Essay
Component of assessment scheme: Part 2 of the second Assessment task for this course
Due date: Week 10: Monday, 23rd November at 12:00 pm (midday)
Assessment Description
The Essay is a major piece of academic writing. The work completed for Assessment 1: the Essay Plan and the feedback obtained from your tutor after the discussion will contribute significantly to this piece of assessment.
Select one of the following topics:
1 Shift workers are at increased risk of motor vehicle accidents. Using peer reviewed sources, discuss the circadian and sleep related factors that contribute to this increased risk.
2. Using peer reviewed sources, discuss the cognitive and social changes that occur during adolescence and how these changes may impact on the health of an adolescent.
In 1400 words, discuss the topic you have chosen. When discussing your topic, you are advised to address the significance of the topic that you have chosen, key concepts related to the topic and integrate relevant scholarly literature.
.Your essay should have a clear structure: a) an introduction that presents the focus and main arguments that will be ’addfe^^w ¦